A Week in Pics (Catching up!)

I am a little behind on my "week in pics" here! So, I am going to try and play a little catch-up. :) I have no idea where I left off... so, this will just be from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

All the 5pm EMs at our Commissioning a few weeks ago.

Zuz loves big girl shoes... well, shoes in general.

Happy Birthday, Mama!

I love this. I cannot express my love for this pic.

Zuz loves selfies! 

Who doesn't love a baby in a tutu?

I finally got my hair did and my stylist played around with
some new makeup. :)

Ahhhh! Baby flipflops!

Such a big girl... riding on an Elephant!
Hardly any pics of Easter, but here are the amazing deviled eggs I made!

Oh, and Zuz eating a cookie.

AND! An adorable pic my bro sent me of my niece, Charlotte!

I WAS SO EXCITED for my DD on the way to work Easter Monday!

I love my new BolderBand headband for running!

I love this babe.

Went to a Bio Ethics conference this past weekend.
It was very cool.

It was also freeeeeezing in the conference, so a
selfie and the sun warmed me up. ;)
Plus, I LOVE my Loft blazer.

Getting a big girl carseat is serious business.

Zuz and I were girlie and did our toesies. :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter Octave! Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! What a wonderful day to recognize two popes as Saints, John XXIII and JPII! :)

Saint John XXIII, pray for us!
Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

Annnnd... go wish Morgan and Catherine a happy birthday! I hope it's been wonderful! :)

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  1. that babe is SO CUTE! i cannot get over how great her smile is!!!


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