A Week (or more) in Pics

What is cuter than a baby in a tutu drinking tea??
Bahahaha... I put Zuz's baby down and didn't realize she had fallen back,
this is how she was when I turned around.
Holding on with one little plastic toe. ;)

Yummy breakfast one morning.

It's never too early to teach about household chores. :)

Post bath adorableness.

And this one, too.

Rocked by jellies the other day.

Jen Fulwiler had a great post the other day, and this particular part
really spoke to my heart.

Cheesin' for Daddy's birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Tom!

Mama and Zuzu. :)

She wanted to dive right in there!

I hope you all have such a wonderful week! I hope Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. We don't really have a Spring here... it just goes straight into Summer-like weather. Fun times. Prayers and blessings for you!!

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