A prayer request

*this post was edited June 2, 2014 out of respect to my NPH family and friends. Also, the name has been changed. I apologize if I was a bit presumptuous or took things out of context.*

So, as a lot of you know... I spent about 9 months of my life (2 years ago, now) in Honduras, serving with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.  It was a crazy time. If you want to know more, click the tab above or read my blog about my experience.

But, first. I have a prayer request.

Please, please pray for the repose of the soul of John.

We (as in past volunteers) were just notified today of his passing.

I did not know John personally. Although, I knew of him. Everyone did. He was always getting into mischief. But, he was also just your average 15 year old. Trying to navigate through life, sometimes having more trouble than other times, but doing the best that he could do. Many volunteers have been sharing memories of him through emails, and it's pretty awesome. He touched so many lives.

He grew up on the Ranch. A place he has only ever known, really.  With his 500 brothers and sisters and caregivers and volunteers that love him. His home. The place that was supposed to protect him, but also prepare him for life- physically, mentally and spiritually.

It could have been anyone. It could have been any one of those kids on that Ranch. But, it was John. There is some reason for that. We may never know. But, God has a plan and is using it for His will. Of that I am sure. I won't understand it. I won't ever be able to explain it so that it makes sense. But, God's got this. Good will come out of this.

There are so many people that his death will impact, whether they realize it or not. NPH is one big, crazy family. Once you are part of it, you will always be part of it. And when a family member passes... it's a sad, hard time.

Please keep his actual family and NPH family in your prayers, as well.  Especially those that were closest with him - his friends, caregivers, and volunteers that served in his hogar.

Rest in peace, John.
Espero que hay muchos angelitos en el cielo con usted.

Come Holy Spirit.
I pray for the repose of the soul of John.
I pray that he is safe and not suffering.
I also pray for all of those that knew John well. Please bring comfort to them during this time.
Please be with all of NPH, especially the pequeños on the Ranch. They will need your love, your strength, and your grace to get through this dark time.
Most importantly, please keep them safe. 
Please continue to guide them to live a life of Love, and allow for your will to be done.
In your most holy name,

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