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Hello Ladies!!

First, let me apologize. Morgan and I are, well, we are living our lives over here. We don't mean for this to take a backseat BY ANY MEANS, but it seems that it has gotten away from us. Please forgive us. You are all SO DEAR to us, but we hope you understand our craziness! :)

Ok, I am posting this a little early to give you a teeeeeny head start for tomorrow!  The topic this week was suggested by the lovely Laura from A Drop in the Ocean.  Thank you, Laura!!

Favorite Saint!
But! Not just any fave. More specifically a Saint related to marriage, chastity, etc!! How has s/he helped you during this time of singleness?

I, for one, am always wanting to learn more about the Saints! I know a little about very few of them... #badCatholic. So, I am really looking forward to hearing (er, reading) what you all have up your sleeves!  I will be sure to write my post, too, when I have a bit more time!

The linkup is also live now! ha. So, if you write your post this evening, then by all means get your linkup on!  Once Morgan and I discuss the details of the next topics, we will also add them here.  And next Tuesday, we will be back to regular scheduled Not Alone Series. :)

Thanks for your patience!!

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  1. Thanks for the link-up, Jen! I have been meaning to write about this for a long time and now I have!


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