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Our lives tend to revolve around social media and knowing what's happening in everyone's lives. How has this effected your life? In your experience, has social media made dating easier? Harder? Ex: not judging something you see about the guy you're dating on Twitter/FB

When I saw this video, I knew we needed to talk about it. Especially given the fact that our little community is SOCIAL and ONLINE. ;)  Have you seen it? If you haven't, take the 5 minutes and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

So good, right?  And so... spot on.

I can't really speak to social media and dating, as I haven't been dating since social media has blown up. I am sure that many of you have interesting perspectives on that... from the good and the challenging that it can bring to your romantic relationships.

What I can speak to is relationships in general... family, friends, coworkers.

While I do find it wonderful for so many reasons to live in the world of iMessage, Blogger, Twitter, FB, Instagram, as a way to stay connected to people that I normally wouldn't have before, it does in fact take away from many of my relationships that I do care more about.

Do I actually reach out by calling? Do I make the effort to go over to someone's house more?

Ummm... not always. It's hard because I have no family here, and most of my friends are in other states. The easy option is to send a text or a tweet or write on someone's wall. It's quick! Doesn't take much effort! But, is that what I want to be telling my friends and family? Of course not! They mean the world to me. And I want them to know that.

And how do I make sure they know that??  Well, I actually have to be more social with them. Like, I actually have to talk to them and be with them. So crazy, I know.

Ohhh.. you know when so-and-so announced her new engagement on Facebook, and you were just as surprised as everyone? Or, your cousin tweeted about signing up for 3 more years of service with the Army? Or your friend 'grammed a pic of her new baby bump?

It's so easy to be annoyed with these people and think, "I cannot BELIEVE they posted that on FB before telling ME!" But, is it so hard to believe? Haven't you done that, too? We can't be super close with all 500 of our FB friends.  If you wanted to be closer with these people for them to share the details of their life with you personally, then maybe you should make more of an effort, too. I am not good at this, people. Trust me. This "you" is a general you that includes me, too.  But, it's worth taking a step back and realizing what/who is important. If you are getting annoyed about these things, then maybe you need to reevaluate your friendships. Or take a break from social media.

Same goes for our community! As we discussed last week, there is nothing like face to face conversations and connections. However connected social media makes us, it will never be able to give us what a hug, a high five, a cuddle, eye contact or simply being in the same room can provide for our heart, mind and soul. We are social people by nature, and that means we need people to love and to love us.

Another point I want to make quickly... we only see one side of a person's life on any form of social media. Many a person has blogged about this before, but it's worth repeating. Just because Miss N has the BEST pics of food and recipes she shares, doesn't mean she also has the most organized house. Or just because that other person always has her house spotless and everything is organized to a T, doesn't mean her life is also so put together. Maybe she is struggling with the cross of depression.

The point is, it's easy to make people see your life a certain way with what pics we share, what stories we write, what words we tweet.  Never take that as face value. There is always more to the story. Yes, we should be living our lives joyfully and for the Lord, but that doesn't happen at every single moment of every single day. So, don't compare your life to your friend who has 4,000 followers on Twitter. Got it?? Ok, good. :)

What do you have to say about social media? Head on over to Morgan's and get your link-up on!

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  1. I'm on a break from Facebook at the moment and I don't miss it, but I feel resigned to the fact that if I ever give it up completely, I'll miss out on things like invitations to events etc. So I'll be back on it at some stage. Sigh. And also, I've noticed that guys will ask to be 'friends' with you on Facebook rather than ask for your number. I've no idea what they say when a girl says she doesn't use Facebook.

    1. Yea... I feel the same way about completely giving up social media. I wish I could confidently say that my life would just go on... but, would it really? It would cause some major sacrifices on my part. Ha... oh... life.

      And YES. I have noticed guys asking to be friends with you, too. Like, what is up with that? It's almost as if they are sizing you up BEFORE they want to pursue. You don't post pics of you partying or anything like that... welp, I won't bother with her anymore because she won't get in my pants.

      Or. No pics of Saints or long dialogues about matters of the faith. Well, see ya! Not good enough for me.

      Is that harsh? Maybe. But, that is what the whole friending on FB and not ask for a number thing seems to portray. Or, maybe the guy is actually just interested in being friends.

      Because, let's be honest. If a guy was really interested in getting to know you... he would make the effort. To call. To meet up. Not be a just FB friend.

    2. I think everything you've said is accurate. My Facebook profile is very minimal and non-personal. There's nothing on there I wouldn't want my boss, or a potential future employer, to see. So I'd be surprised if there's anything on there that's putting guys off, unless of course they expect to see saint pictures etc.

      And yes, I agree that if a guy is seriously interested, he'll call. Which is part of the reason I'm considering abandoning Facebook long-term. It removes the possibility of me thinking that a Facebook friend request means anything other than that guy just wanting to get to 1000 friends online.


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