When this baby dropped in the mail two weeks ago, to say I was thrilled is an understatement. I was ECSTATIC! :)

I know that everyone and their mother (in the Catholic world, at least) is all a buzz about Something Other than God.* I am sure you have already seen amazing review after amazing review after amazingly funny things blogged and tweeted and all that.  That's not what this is.

What I am here to say is... thank you. Thank you, Jen for writing this book. Thank you for working your butt off to get this out. Thank for your honestly. Thank you for letting us into your mind, heart and soul. I am sure you had to relive so many of these moments and emotions... to then have your literary agent make you start all.over.again. ;)

It was worth it.  I hope you think so, too!

Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for telling your story.  There were many, many moments where I would laugh out loud, and forget that this all actually happened. Your writing style captivated me right from the beginning, and held my attention until the last page.  Your attention to detail is incredible. I felt what you were feeling, saw what you saw and and heard what you heard.  My whole being was on this journey with you.

But, most of all. Thank you for speaking (er, writing) the Truth.  Thank you for explaining things in a way that makes sense. I often fail at explaining the simple truths of our faith, and what I love most it. I get flustered and self-conscious, which then makes it seem like I am all sorts of judgey-Mcjudgers. You tackle the big and small things with ways that I only WISH I could convey. It between jokes, wit and a bit of sarcasm.  You have a true gift.

So, to anyone who knows my love for the Catholic faith, but I haven't been the greatest at portraying it... please consider reading this book! Maybe you will have a little glimpse into the awesomeness.

Or, if you just want to read a good story... read this book!! :)

Yes. You. Right there... get on it!  And if you do, let me know!

And then after reading SOTG*, if you feel like you need more of where all the awesomeness came from, check out her blog, where she chats about her conversion, being a mom, fear of scorpions and love of rap. She really does have a little bit of everything. :)

*I am trying out the affiliate thing, so if you would like to click on there to buy the book, I will get a very small percentage. I would really appreciate it!

**Jen did not ask me to write this semi-review, but it's part of her epic release party, so if I happen to win, I will get a gift card.

***I never did any sort of epic selfie... and I love selfies.  I wanted to add that here! But, I have until 11:59 tomorrow... maybe it will happen, still.

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