Hello!! I am just checking in... not that you've missed me too much, I'm sure. :) Today is my last day in NoVA/DC, and I'll be heading to Kansas to visit my brother, SIL and my beautiful nieces!! I can't wait!

My trip has been wonderful! Although, I am a little antsy to be home and in my own home and bed and do my own thing... I wouldn't trade this time for anything! It's been weird not having my computer (although, you wouldn't really know I've taking break if you follow me on the 'gram or Twitter or are my FB friend...), as there have been many, many thoughts and ramblings that I have wanted to hash out on here. Ah, well! In due time, I suppose. Here is a sneak peek at some of the fun that I have been having with my beloved family and friends! I may have a few more posts coming up randomly... so yea. Fun times!

Mmmkay. Pictures. Bye!

On our way to Pittsburgh to see Colly!

Some milk and cuddles before bed. Coll's beautiful girls!

We finally got a pic together! I love these ladies.

In Minneapolis now... what's better than homemade ice cream and cute kids?!
I'd say nothing.

Minneapolis is awesome... I love it more and more I visit!
I hung out with my good friend Hunter who just got back from Honduras!

Case in point. The lakes?! They are amazing!!!
Riding bikes with Mom around Lake Calhoun

Me and my beautiful momma...
you would never know she was battling an annoying cold!

Oh! Now in DC! Went to the National Building Museum with Dad and Connie!
And, had my first food truck food! DELISH!

Met up with Cindy (no pic, sadly) from the Veil of Chastity,
AND Sarah Therese from Cherishing Everyday Beauty.
I love our blogging community.

They are all actually smiling b/c they thought I was NUTS for trying!
And look how great it turned out!

Dad, Connie and I went back to the National Harbor for the day...
we rode the Capital Wheel ferris wheel! Pretty sweet!

Until next time! :)
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  1. Oh! I hope you visited St. Paul's Cathedral while you were in Minnesota! Nothing quite so beautiful in the entire state. :)

  2. Are you driving or flying all this Jen?


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