Quick Takes: Random + baby kisses + a fun announcement!

~ 1 ~
Ok, I am just going to keep saying this... HOW IS IT THAT I AM GOING BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY ALREADY? How? The summer FLEW by. Flew.by. I am trying to enjoy all of the downtime and quiet as I can, b/c soon, my alarm will be going off early and my days will be filled with crazy. 

~ 2 ~
As much as I LOVED my summer (seriously... I had such an amazing summer: June Travels, Aruba, Steubie, NASavannah, Jersey)... I really missed just hanging out. As much as I wanted to see all of my family and friends, I think next Summer I will have my trips spaced out a bit more.  I might even do a camp nursing job somewhere. :)

~ 3 ~
Do you like nuns? Do you know what they are? Have you discerned that you could be called to live that life? Don't you think there should be more information about it?
Well, Imagine Sisters is doing just that!! They were created due to the definite need to educate and empower everyone to know and support the life these women have chosen to live.
Please pray for them and their mission! They are currently fundraising so they can hire more people and get the world out about this beautiful vocation.
If you can help financially, please consider donating to their fundraising page!
Check it out!
~ 4 ~
Guess who is FINALLY HOME?!?!?!
And Mart and Tom. :) :)

Her little kisses are just the best.

BAHHHH! Oh my gosh. It was SUCH a wonderful feeling to walk in the house and have her scream and smile when she saw me.  She was very chatty, telling me about all the things she did while in Indiana! :) I love that little girl so very much.

~ 5 ~
We have had a very interesting discussion in the NAS Facebook group instigated by this article. Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! I may make more of my thoughts into a whole post of it's own. Oh, and if you want to join our private FB group, please do! :)

~ 6 ~
Speaking of the Not Alone Series... we will be resuming our weekly posts starting September 2nd. So! If you have any ideas, please don't forget to tell us in the comments or to email Morgan and I! :)

~ 7 ~
Next week we are getting to talk about whatever your hearts desire. It's a "freebie," so no prompt. Catch us up on life, an article that piqued your interest, a topic you wanted to expand on... anything!
If you don't write, at least come and visit Morgan and I.
We have something exciting to share!
You don't want to miss it. :) :) :)
See you Tuesday.

With that, go visit Jen and the gang! And, have a fantabulous weekend! :) 

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PS. I just want to remind you that God loves you. :)

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  1. My goddaughter screams "NaNa" everytime I walk in the door and I love it!! It is so cute because her older brother who is five and has always called me Natalie has started calling me "NaNa" too because that is what she does. The point of the story is I totally understand the #godmommybliss. Secondly, yeah for supporting the Imagine Sisters Movement!! Being based in Steubenville I have been involved for the past yearish and I can honestly say it is a great organization and Amanda has alot of drive and the Holy Spirit is moving so keep supporting. I may or may not be in the video promoting the 33 Days Campaign. And yes unfortunately I am the clip of the girl chewing. Sigh.


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