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Oh, hello there! I am sorry I have been so quiet lately... I just have had a busy week and, ya know... the blog tends to get the backseat. Sorry, dear blog. And, dear readers... if you even noticed! ;) 

Today, let's talk make-up. How girly can we get, huh?! Hey, we are ladies and most of us wear makeup, so we are allowed! :) But! Bek brought up a great side of makeup... not what we wear, but why we wear it. Have you ever thought about it before? I think it's great to step back sometimes and reflect on those things we do habitually.

What are your thoughts on wearing make-up? Do you see a tension between a pressure from society and a God-given desire to be and make life beautiful? Is your use of makeup compatible with the idea that God sees you as naturally beautiful?

Ooook! So, I mean... if you have read this blog, you know that I have some confidence issues due to my acne. It's just one of those crosses that I have been given to bear. It's not always fun, but it is what it is.

Because I struggle with this area of my life, I don't always see myself as beautiful. I am sure if we looked deeper at the issue, it could be from societal pressures of what is beautiful and all that. I mean, besides our mothers... where do we get our ideas of beauty? Magazines, movies, TV, other blogs, even.  It's a fact that we all have something that doesn't live up to what society says is beautiful. Ha, crazy! It's like we are human or something. Not photoshopped. Not skinny minny. Not perfect.

Imagine that.

But, we as Christians have a little insight that not everyone does. We know (which is different from accepting and believing) that we (every.single.person.) are innately beautiful. Why? Because God created us. When he created the world, the creatures, the people, he created them to be good. Very good. (Genesis 1: 1-28) We are created in the image and likeness of God, who is perfect and beautiful. So, if He is perfect and beautiful, then we must be, too. Well, the perfect thing kind of went down the the tubes there after the Fall, and as our world loses sight of what God's will is, and really take our gift of Free Will to do whatever we want. The good thing is, we all still have the potential to be perfect. We all have the potential to get into Heaven and be a saint.  And that is an amazing thing.

I digress.

What has never changed, though... no matter what we do or don't do, the fact is: we are still beautiful. Even though we don't look like those girls in the magazines or your favorite blogger or your best friend, it's ok. We are all uniquely beautiful. As we have previously discussed, beauty is being exactly as God has created you to be: curves, pimples, flat hair, horrible singing voice, birth marks, weird dance moves, quirks and all.

Does makeup take away from that? No, I don't think it does. Are you wearing it to accentuate who you already are? To give you the boost of confidence that you need to face the day? I don't wear a ton of makeup, just a enough to cover my blemishes, so it's not so noticeable. When I am going out or getting dressed up, I will wear a bit more, because it adds to the fun of being dressed up!

I think problems in wearing makeup can arise if you are wearing it to seek attention. Do you put loads of blue eye shadow on or globs of mascara to garner a reaction from others? If so, then maybe you should reevaluate the purpose of your makeup. If you are only wearing the makeup for others, then you are missing the point of accentuating your God-given beauty. I think that's what makeup should do anyway. Help us show the world that we feel beautiful and are ready to conquer anything!

So, you want to wear your mascara and new shade of red lipstick? Do it! But, do it for you, not for other people!

What do you think?  Linkup at Morgan's today! AND, it's GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I am sorry for the confusion on when the giveaway was supposed to be! :(  So, head over to Morgan's visit to win some CatholicTV swag! :) And next week, I'll be giving away some more! :) :) And, thanks to Bonnie at CatholicTV for the fun swag!

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