#NASBoston: exploring the city!!

Ok! So, yesterday, we left off riiiiiight at the end of our awesome time at CatholicTV. Check it out if you missed it. :)

[Before we get too far, let me just warn you... this is long, too. I just can't help it!]

It is now past noon, and we are FEELING AMAZING.

And are absolutely starving. Famished. We, stupidly, didn't eat breakfast, only had coffee. Those nerves... they fill your tummy up! Oh, and we had a little piece of chocolate while we were at the studios. :)

Once we got home and changed... we finally made it out the door. Walked, the awesome neighborhood that Shae lives in, to the bus stop. We wait for the bus. And all we can think about is getting to Copley Square, solely to find some food.

We had a little snaggle with which bus to take and after texting back and forth with Shae... we finally got on. We were riding along for a while, when all of a sudden everyone got off at this one stop! We were like, wow! We must be there already. I am not sure if it was the lack of food or exhaustion setting in, but in that moment we realized that we caught the bus going in the WRONG direction.

Hahaha... while it wasn't the funniest moment then, I can't stop laughing about it now. And I feel bad because Morgan was not feeling well, so the whole thing was just rough for a bit there.  Anyway... just keepin' it real around here to help you all know how much we don't always have it together. #humblepie  The bus was actually making a loop and we jumped right back on and made it allllll the way to where we were supposed to be.

It made for the perfect time to catch up on all the tweets and FB posts and emails and texts and love that YOU all sent our way. And my family. And my friends. You all are so amazing and I am so blessed.

We finally get off and spotted a bagel place. And went directly there. I inhaled my sandwich. It was DELISH. We sat for a while, people watched, chatted and soaked up the atmosphere. I went in search of a new phone charger and was able to talk to my Momma. She is just the best.

When I returned, Morgan was excitedly looking at me and said, "the recording of the show is up, do you wanna watch it?!" Um.... YES!

It's hard getting a good pic while talking! ;)
That moment was so surreal... and weird... and embarrassing.  But, we watched... and we were so proud of ourselves! I don't want to come across as this tooting our own horns, but we had no idea what to expect, and we were both so pleasantly surprised. I mean, how often do you get to watch yourself having a conversation with people? Not many. It was an experience.

And, I talk with my hands. A LOT. :) One of my charms.

And, OH MY GOSH JEN! I thought this post was going to be MORE pics, LESS writing.

Ah! You're right! You're right! Just reflecting as I go here.  Onward to the pics!

We went straight to the Back Bay area, right along the river. It was breathtaking. The weather was perfect. The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue. And this:

The best!!

The "self-portrait" style selfie from back in the day. :)

We literally walked along the beautiful river front... and then just plopped ourselves on the grass and talked. For a long time. Reflecting on the morning. Talking about life. Guh, Morgan... you are such a great friend and I am so happy to have you in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better person to have shared this entire experience with! Loooooove youuuuuu!

Cause, doesn't every park have a guy playing the cello under a weeping willow?!
 After sitting for such a long time, we decided that we were just exhausted. We got some clam chowda to go, and made our way back to Shae's house... in time for this gorgeous sunset:

Changed into our comfy clothes, heated up our soup, and vegged. Shae came home, we chatted, maybeeeee watched our interview a few more times and by 10pm, we were in bed. Passed.out. #partyanimals

On Saturday... we slept in. Had coffee. Hung out. We had no where to be and it was stupendous. :) It was rainy and Fall-like, and I was SO happy! I got to wear my BOOTS!

We made it out the door by noonish, ready to have brunch at Shae's favorite spot. She was the best tour guide... even if her idea of "close" was different than mine. Let's just say, we did looooots of walking and all of our feetsies were feeling it. ;)

We walked to the Boston Common area... where the gardens were beautiful and the ponds were awesome.

Cute little bridge over the pond... perfect for a picture!
I love us.
 Morgan and I let our "Catholic Nerd" flag fly when we came across this stone statue thing (what IS it called?!) commemorating Pope Saint John Paul II's FIRST Mass ever celebrated in the USA. :) Pretty cool, huh?! October 1, 1979.

As we passed it.... we noticed there were just tons and TONS of people. Music. Booths and tables. Cool! Some sort of festival. We get closer... and there is this very distinct smell. And upon closer look at the people... many of them had a certain look, shall we say. And it all clicked.

It was a weed festival, people. Or whatever you want to call it. Hil.ar.i.ous. We needed to get through the crowd, and as we walked, it seemed to get harder and harder to get through. And we realized we were walking towards the food. Along with everyone else. ;)

Sadly, I have no pics of this. But, check out Morgan's recap for the fun.

We then walked through some historic parts. And made our way to the harbor.

Beautiful, and so much history.

Great cityscape!
It was alllllmost time to get to Mass! A few days before we were leaving, I get a few direct messages/emails from Catherine (aka Celeste... she has identity issues! j/k, friend!) from Sacred Sharings for the Soul saying that she will be in Boston at the SAME TIME AND WE SHOULD MEET UP!!! :) :)  Well, obviously. She lives in Toronto, so her being so close won't just always happen. We decided to meet up for Mass on Saturday evening and then hang out.  The chapel is INSIDE the Prudential Center, which is a mall. Morgan and I were so incredibly confused, but we found it.
It was a legit chapel inside the mall.

So awesome.

Catherine is AWESOME. Whenever you meet "random people from Twitter" (as her hubby says), you just never know how it's gonna go. And, well, this couldn't have gone any better. Catherine always, always posts and tweets such beautiful and insightful things... and she is both of those things. But a little ball of amazing energy, too! She could keep the convo going. She has the best one-liners. Is probably one of the funniest people I know! :)

We met back up with Shae... grabbed some Starbucks. It was wonderful to enjoy a hot Pumpkin Spice Latte in chilly weather. Something I will never take for granted again. :)
Thanks, Bonnie!!
Catherine was telling us about the Eucharistic Shrine down the street... and it was breathtaking. It's a fully running parish that offers perpetual adoration. It was awesome. The hustle and bustle of downtown Boston all around, but quiet and peaceful inside. Jesus, you are amazing.

We then made our "short" walk to one restaurant that had way too many people... so we continued our walk to Orinoco's! Amazing Venezuelan cuisine.  I wish I could eat that way all.of.the.time.  The service was great. The company even better. All four of us just got along so well. I laughed so much that my cheeks were sore the next day. #thebest
Yay! Blogging and Twitter friends! :)
My phone died, so I was unable to get one of all 4 of us. Sade face.
We walked back to the Shrine so Catherine could wait for her hubby, and we went on a search for cannolis. There is a divide among Bostonians: Mike's or Moderns.

We had to buy both to see what camp we would fall under. Due to my phone not working very well I cannot give you the comparison. Head to Morgan's for that! But, I will say... I am in the Modern camp. :) YUM!

We enjoyed some cannolis, chatted some more and said our goodbyes to Shaelena. Then, we tried to go to sleep. But again it was only a few hours of resting our eyes.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we got ready and hopped in the cab to the airport, and were both through security before 6am. :) In different terminals and no way to get to one another, we enjoyed our meal together via text: 

Eventually it was time for me to go... so I picked up our complimentary CatholicTV mag where we were featured (in August! Oops, there was a little misprint!), and did some reading. And look at all those familiar faces! Janat Sahm from Verily, Jennifer Fulwiler and Hallie Lord! :) How cool is that?!

Morgan and I both made it home safely. I enjoyed one of the best naps I have ever had on Sunday afternoon. And, then it was back to reality. :)

I have said it already, and I'll say it again... I had the BEST weekend. Our CatholicTV time was simply incredible and the rest of the weekend was nothing less than that. I will forever remember this. I will remember the fun, the laughs, new friends (and old!), the love, the support and knowing that I am certainly not alone. God is so, so good.

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Check back on our Tuesday post for a chance to win some CatholicTV swag!! :)


  1. Love your re-caps! So glad you ladies were able to go on this adventure and spread the word :-)

  2. Loving the re-caps ... and y'all's photos of Boston make me want to buy a plane ticket!!!


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