Let me tell you a little story.

The other day just as I was about to get ready for beddy-bye... I hear this beeping coming from my A/C unit on my enclosed porch.

Huh, that's weird, I thought.

And then, I heard it again.

And then I heard it a THIRD time, only afterword it says: low battery.  Like, it said it out loud.

What the heck?! What is going on?  I go in, turn it off and on a few times.  Beeping again.

I text my landlord who is stumped, and wants me to send her a picture.  A picture? I mean, of the unit?  I am pretty sure it's coming from the unit itself. So...

I tell her I need to go to bed, and will worry about it tomorrow.  I closed the door to the porch, get ready for bed and lay down.

Beeping. Again.

Oh my gosh. What is going on??? I try to ignore it all night. And all night it's beeping and telling me "low battery." Around 3:30am it was beeping so frequently.... I thought I was going to go insane.

Like, certifiably insane.

I give up a little before 5, and turn the darn thing off and on a few times. Beeping. Turn the power off to the breaker. More beeping. Check the manual. NOTHING IN THE MANUAL. How??? Why??? I google it... people have this problem, but there are no solutions. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. MORE BEEPING. EXPLICATIVES!

I then send a frantic text to my landlord, because I don't know what else to do.

She texts me later in the day to inform me that she has spoken to the A/C people, and they say to take the batteries out of the remote [to the unit]. The REMOTE?? Um? Ok. I will try anything at this point.

I get home from work. I hear the freaking beeping and take the darn batteries out of the remote as quickly as I can.

Peace. FINALLY! It was so nice. I couldn't wait to sleep later!

I come back home from my meeting in the evening, walked in the house and THE D*** THING BEEPED AGAIN.

Then, poor Morgan called and had to witness psychocrazyloudcursing Jen. Sorry again, Morgan. :(

I sent yet another text to my landlord. She then asked if I was SURE it wasn't the smoke detector.



It was the flipping smoke detector, you guys. The freaking smoke detector. I ripped those batteries out. And there has been NO beeping since. NONE.


Not my proudest of moments. The point of this veryvery long story?? Nothing. Maybe I should have some sort of moral about being consumed with the frustrating and negative keeps you from being able to see the truth?? Maybe.  Buuut. No.

Just proof to you all that I do not, in fact, have my life together. (Although, has this blog ever given you that idea?!)

Annnnnnnnnd.... the end.

With a completely random pic of palm trees. Because... everyone loves palm trees, right?!

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  1. Oh my gosh that would be SOOOO frustrating. Yay for finding the horrible source of annoying beeping!

    1. haha, YES. Thank the Lord, literally. Even if I was paying more attention I could have saved myself sooner. :)

  2. Truly the funniest post in my feed this week! Laughed so hard.

    1. hahaha... I'm so glad!! That's why I shared it, b/c now that I am OUT of the moment, it IS pretty darn funny. And embarrassing, but mostly funny. :)

  3. LOLOL!! I'm glad the situation is resolved. Nice palm trees too ;-)

  4. "psychocrazyloudcursing Jen" LOL Oh yes, I would have been psychocrazy and cursing too. Anything repetitive grates on my last nerve. I am impressed that you checked out the manual! Glad you now have peace and quiet! :) Cindy

    1. hahaha, oh man. Poor Morgan. Hopefully she still loves me... funny, I haven't heard from her since then. ;)

      I did feel like I was in a torture chamber for a while there. It was ROUGH! :)

  5. My pilates teacher told a very similar story last night, as it happened to her in her brand new apartment! It must be going around. . . I wouldn't be able to stand it, either!

  6. This sooooooo funny!!!!! I'm surprised you slept at all, I may have gotten physical with it although since the A/C was innocent there would still have been beeping. Glad it all worked out.

  7. Uhmm yes I have had my share of smoke detector beeping...and I have slept with the TV on loudly to drown it out. I HATE SMOKE DETECTORS. I still think if there was an ACTUAL FIRE they wouldn't work but don't worry when I turn the oven on they will go off!!

  8. I would have been sleeping at Martha's if I were you. Thanks for sharing the story.


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