12 in '14 and other Yearly Ramblings


~ I came up with goals for 2014, where I was sorely unsuccessful
~ I celebrated my last year in my 20s (where I got the great gifts to the left)


~ pretty flowers from a good friend for Valentine's Day
~ Not much happening. Probably still struggling with work.
~ Missing my family, and desiring one of my own


~ Happy birthday, Grammy! :)
~ Enjoyed my first ever spring break as a school nurse! 
~ Reflected on what it means to be part of my parish community.


~ Seemed to be a quiet month
~ The blog got a facelift


~ Mom visited for Mother's Day!!
~ feeling a bit disconnected from God
~ So ready for school to be DONE!


~ HUGE travel month
~ NAS turned ONE! :) :)
~ Opened up about my acne/pill experience


~ Hands down, #NASavannah!!
~ I also went to #Steubie14 and Aruba


~ Hung out at Seaside, like old times. :)
~ Reflected on God's love.
~ Was not ready for school/work to start back up, but survived the first couple of weeks.
~ Ever wondered what being in love feels like? Well, I have.


~ The one time were were ON TV!!!
~ Work/life were busy, so I only seemed to do NAS posts.
~ Sometimes, that happens.


~ My sweet goddaughter turned TWO!
~ Colly turned THIRTY


~ Sometimes, I still can't believe I live in Florida.
~ I didn't blog much, other than NAS posts.
~ I did travel to see my mom for Thanksgiving, where we hung out with reindeer!


~ This was a stressful month for me, but it ended really well.
~ So much family time! :)

Thanks, Dwij for hosting 12 in 2014! Check out everyone else's pics! :)

Blog Highlights:

Gosh. What a year! IT FLEW BY! I feel like I was JUST sitting at my dad's dining room table playing Scrabble getting ready to ring in 2014. Nuts, I tell you... NUTS! 

The thing that seems to jump out at me... the people. I just reflected on this a bit on the 'gram, but coming home after an amazing Christmas filled with my family, I am struck with the people I have in my life.  All of the special moments over this past year were all done with wonderful people. My family. My friends. Sometimes a lot of them. Sometimes one of them. Sometimes they are even combined. :) I know I've talked about the awesome people in my life incessantly, but right now, I am so thankful. I am so FULL. As Kathryn Whitaker reflected, people are the greatest gift. No piece of clothing, a necklace, a gadget or thing will ever be able to replace the people in our life. They are, indeed, the greatest. :)

Good job, God, for the awesome people you have blessed me with.

As I look forward to 2015... I have NO idea what to expect. While 2014 was amazing in SO many ways, I can't help but feel like I let myself down. I made goals, and barely touched them, let alone reached them. I know. It's ok! I was where God wanted me to be throughout the year, and I can only hope to focus more on His will. 

So, this New Year's Eve... no goals. I am just going to take 2015 a day at a time. I will work on my relationship with Him, with others and myself. Although, I would actually like to get back to running AND using my good camera. Don't go crazy, Jen! :)

Maybe St. Jerome will keep me in line! :) St. Jerome, pray for me! You can get a Patron Saint for 2015, too! Check it out, here

See ya later, 2014! Hello, 2015! To everyone who has kept up with me over this last year... THANK YOU! It means more than I can put into words. I hope all of you have a wonderful night ringing in the New Year and 2015 starts out awesome and blessed (or awesomely blessed!)!!

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