No blogging and losing my footing.

I don't know what to say.

I have written and erased... again and again.

I want to write here. I miss this space. The white background is intimidating.

This is an interesting crossroads... should I just stop the blogging altogether? No one has noticed my absence (other than my mom!! :) Love you.)... which is humbling. And makes me question.

Who am I writing for? Me? Other people?
Just to get some sort of recognition?
What is the purpose of my blog?
Is there a point anymore?

The blogging world is big. HUGE. So many other people talking about things that I have or will... in ways that are funnier, more eloquent or just better.

Is there still a place for me?

I'm just not sure anymore. I am taking this to prayer...

Along with where I am right now in my life.

I didn't realize it until a recent conversation with my therapist, but I have somehow lost my footing. I am not feeling grounded right now. I am a bit unsettled.

There is so much going on - some wonderful, some annoying; some little, some big - that I kind of, almost, just a teenytinybit, feel a loss of control.

Has that happened to you? You... whoever you are that still reads this... or stumbles upon this.

I still feel so happy to be here, please don't misunderstand. I absolutely, 100% feel like I have made the right decision to move, start back at the hospital, experience seasons (although I am a WIMP with the cold now) and have life be here... which is a wonderful, amazing feeling. Answered prayers for the win.

With that though... life can be overwhelming.

Obviously. That may seem like a no-brainer. But, I have been putting those thoughts aside for a while. So, now I am letting them surface.

Family - Not having my own space - still working on myself - healing - finding community - maintaining some sort of prayer life - gaining a healthy work/life balance - missing my friends - maintaining connections - "dating" (trying, anyway!) - happenings in the world - LIFE.

Perhaps this blogging hiatus is related to my state in life currently? I can't really write, when I don't even know what I am feeling. Ya know?!

So... that's me. Life is great... just a little overwhelming right now. I hope to strengthen my footing soon! And maybe even write again.

Prayers and hugs,
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That was nice.

Oh hey there!

So... I took a very sudden and unplanned internet/social media break this past week. Which inadvertently meant blogging, I guess. It wasn't really in the things I wanted to break from. Reading blogs? Yes. But writing them.... I guess I needed a break from that, too.

Anywho... that break. AWESOME.

I was laying awake trying to fall asleep and my mind would not stop. It was going and going... and I had this passing thought- you should take a break from social media and the internet in general.

And that's what I did.

The next morning on my way into work, I listened to the Caritas Podcast where Brigid and Elise interviewed Erica Tighe from Be A Heart. Erica candidly shared her story about alcoholism, depression and anxiety. About overcoming those things. And about working on them everyday.

It was a beautiful story of grace and healing and trust. The girls talked a lot about addictive behaviors, and the internet was brought up again and again. How quickly habits can become addictions if we aren't careful.

Listening to their conversation spoke to my heart and was the perfect confirmation I needed about taking my internet break. Thanks, Jesus. :)

When I was waiting for the shuttle, I had a conversation with a guy that I ride the shuttle with everyday. That day, my head wasn't bent down staring at my glowing screen... I was looking around, taking in the world around me, and connecting with people.

Crazy. ;)

It was so wonderful, you guys. Hard that first day.... and at moments when I was bored (ie. waiting for something, usually), but mostly, I didn't miss it too badly.

Sure, I missed keeping up on all the things, but I realized that I mostly didn't care about knowing all the things. Ya know? I always want to know what's going on with that person or that brand or that company, namely because I always know what's going on. Then, when I stopped being inundated... I realized I didn't have the same need to know urgency.

I kept up with the people and things that were important to me.

Now is the time to purge. To take away some of the noise.

I don't know need to be online as much as I am. I don't need to know all the things. I just don't. I'm pretty sure no one even realized I wasn't around... which, ya know, is humbling. And forces me to reexamine my online presence in and of itself.

What I need is to be present to God. My family. My friends. My community. And that may just look different than it has been.

I'm still trying to figure it out. :)

I hope you all have a had a wonderful and blessed Sunday!
St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

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Why I Remain Catholic

The pope's in town. Did you hear? :)

He visited DC, NYC and ended his trip at the World Meeting of Families in Philly this past weekend. He has been on the go go go since he stepped foot on American soil. Speaking, visiting, celebrating Mass.

And everyone is watching.

Every media outlet is covering it in some way.
People from all faiths, all walks of life are talking about Pope Francis. Talking about Catholicism. It'a a beautiful thing.

And I'm all.... not. I just haven't been into it.

I feel like a really horrible Catholic or something for even admitting that.

But, it's the truth. I have been thinking and reflecting about why that is. Why is it that I am not as excited as the rest of the Catholic people, as the rest of the world?

I still can't put my finger on it. It might be a combo of things- stress about getting to work (I work in DC), I have been blessed to be in Papa Benny's presence twice and didn't feel the urgency to see Pope Francis... maybe. There is SO much about our dear leader that I love. And there are some things that give me pause. I also really really really miss Pope Benedict. I feel like people give him a bad rap for choosing to retire, and that just makes me sad.

Martha seemed had similar thoughts about it in her own post. Check it out, but I especially liked what she said at the end:
The thing about Pope Frances is that when you talk of him, you can never really be sure what to say. There's so much to love and so much to confound; much to celebrate and to mourn. When he speaks, we always want to believe the best - but it's so rarely clear that's what he means. Perhaps that's why we're silent - because, just like the rest of the world, he's simply giving us a lot to think about.

Regardless of what I think or don't think about the Pope being in town...

I am proud to be Catholic.

If you've been around for a while, then I'm sure you have picked up on that. :) I wanted to elaborate on that juuuuust a little bit. I am hoping (praying!) that with all of this coverage of Papa Francesco and our beloved Church, people will begin to get a glimpse of the Church that I love. Maybe they will see Her beauty. Her love. Her joy.

Usually our culture and world think it's weird, degrading, discriminating or just plain wrong. In many ways, it's a radical way to live. And you know, I love it! Here are some of the reasons why! Disclaimer- I am no theologian, I am an imperfect daughter of Christ who has found her home in the Catholic faith. I am just being honest in my love for the faith, but if there is something seriously glaring that contradicts Church teaching, let me know.

God's love. It's the basis for everything in the Church. His love is what keeps me going... when I am rude, unloving and say stupid things, God still loves me. All of me. When I worry, when I doubt, when I am angry, when I am judgmental, when I don't love myself. God does. Always has, and always will. It's such a beautiful and powerful thing. It's a love that I don't understand, yet God calls us to this love, anyway.  We are called to bring that love to others. To serve and give of ourselves to every single person. Our families. Our friends. Our coworkers. Our enemies. Babies. Elderly. Homeless. Christians. Non-Christians. Those that believe what I believe, and those that don't. It's not a choice. Every person deserves love because they are part of the human family, created out of love by the One who is Love.

Ok, ok Jen... we get that. But, Catholicism, really?


Every.single.thing the Church teaches is based on that love. We are called to love and serve all those around us, in our house, in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and around the world. No single person is off limits to His love, and thus our love. The Church and her wisdom calls us to something more. Pushes and guides us to extend that love.

My absolute favorite thing about the faith: it is truly universal. Every Sunday at Mass, people from across town, throughout the country and around the world, across cultures and languages, are hearing the same readings from the Bible, praying the same prayers, receiving the same Eucharist. Every.single.mass. WHAT?! It blows my mind. It welcomes every single person in the world, because it's a reflection of the love that God has for each of us. We are all messy, sinful and crazy, yet there is a place for each of us in the Catholic faith.

It is Truth. It just makes sense. It's logical. It has believed the same things since the days Jesus walked the Earth. It brings together science and faith in a beautiful way. It stands up for those truths, no matter what. It pushes and challenges me to be who God created me to. I don't want to be  complacent in my walk with Christ, and there is no way to be that way when you are doing your best to live the Catholic life.

It is beautiful. From the old architecture of the churches throughout the world to the wonderful pieces of art to each individual. Catholicism is rich in beauty. The dignity of every.single.human person (babies, the homeless, the disabled, the elderly, the mom, the dad, the friend, the coworker) is beautiful in the eyes of God, therefore, too, in the eyes of the Church.

It serves others. Obviously, Catholicism is one of the biggest proponents of social justice, serving those in need and helping those in the trenches. Throughout the world, Catholic organizations are doing all they can do to bring people out of poverty, feed the hungry, get kids to school, protecting the Christians that can't proclaim their faith. It's part of God's universal call to love. The Catholic faith takes that very seriously.

There is always someone else. Listen, Catholicism has been around for thousands of years now. The people that have gone before us- the Saints, and saints. Those that have learned how to live a life of love and holiness better. There is always someone to pray for you. Those people in Heaven, but those that you see at church on Sunday. People who would love, more than anything, to pray for you and your needs. There is also someone who knows how to answer your questions. There are people who have studied the faith, written books and created ways for us to understand the faith better. No matter what your question- there is someone else who has also asked it, and most likely answered it. If there isn't a clear answer, there are discussions about those things. And, it's pretty awesome! We have a natural desire to want to know about life and Truth and love- the Catholic faith is ready for those questions!

The sacraments. It would be remiss to not mention the wonderful sacraments. Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Reconciliation (confession), Matrimony, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. These tangible gifts of God's grace is simply an amazing thing. The Church believes, without a doubt, that each of these Sacraments provides people with Grace. A gift from God, to be able to get through the crazy of life. It's an amazing thing really.

I have found a home here in the Catholic faith, and for those that don't always understand why... I hope this helped, at least a little bit. I want to be the best person I can be - to always strive for that - and I believe Catholicism pushes me to be just that.

Know of my prayers for you!

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#BlessedBrunch: on community, going deep and being enough.

Via Mary's IG :)
What a gift.

Yesterday... it was a beautiful, fun, joyful and so very needed gift.

I attended my first #BlessedBrunch!

I have been involved with the fab Blessed is She community just after it's inception, around this time last year, I think. I didn't realize it at the time just how much this group of women would impact me, my life, and my faith. From the first Advent journal, to the daily devotions, subsequent journals and regional FB groups... I have gotten to know some wonderful women. Grown in my relationship with God. And saw how beautiful women really can be toward one another.

The need for community is real. The need and desire for authentic friendships are real. The need for women to encourage and support one another is real.

Being back in the DC area has been so good. My job is good (busy! But amazing!). Seeing my family is great. Getting the little peeks into Fall... sooooo exciting! (Scarves, here I come!!) But, my thirst for community has been at an all time high, I'd say. Leaving it, to not having it... and spending a lot of time with work stuff... it makes me feel a little imbalanced.

My faith is my priority.
And building myself up to serve and love all those around me (including those at my job).
Surrounding myself with people that will build me up, and point me towards Heaven.
That's what I need.

Mary, again!
So, this brunch?? It couldn't have come at a better time!

Mary was a fabulous hostess!
The weather was beautiful (very sunny... may or may not have a burn to prove it).
The food was DELISH!
But the company... the best.

Because BIS is a community of authentic positivity... meaning, we can be ourselves (messes and all), while loving, supporting, encouraging and building each other up... that was our expectation when going to this brunch. And that is what happened within our conversations.

It's an amazing thing when you can talk about the messes and struggles in life right from the get-go, and not feel ashamed or unloved or even weird/awkward. We were married, single, kids, no kids, kids with special needs, young and older (not old... never old)! We were listening and we were being heard. We were nodding along. We were laughing. We may have even shed some tears.

What struck me most- the similarities of our struggles and worries even though we were all in different stages/states in life. Feelings of isolation, thirsting for community, desiring authentic friendships. Those are true and real no matter who you are. We as women need to be reminded of those things, so we can get out of our bubbles and be more intentional with our friendships. Of meeting new people. Of realizing that we, as women, are way more alike than different.

I was reminded, yesterday... I am enough.
I am enough to be loved by God.
I am enough to be heard.
I am enough as a single lady.
I am enough with my messes and doubts and worries and all.
I am enough... just as I am right now, right at this moment in life to be loved, supported, encouraged and believed in.

This is why community is important.
This is why we need to each other to remind us of these simple truths.
We are meant to go through this life with others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mary for hosting and to all the #BlessedBrunchFX ladies for saying YES!!! Yes for coming out, being open and vulnerable, and accepting me as me.

This one is mine this time. :)

Let's do this again.
Real soon.

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Let's see... many of you heard about/saw this:

Kelley Johnson was 2nd runner-up for Miss America, and is also a nurse (obviously). I found her monologue to be unique, simple, genuine and humble. She is proud to be a nurse. She has every right to be. Us nurses, we love sticking up for one another (ok, yes... and pointing out the bad apples, but mostly we support one another!)... and I am proud of this woman for standing out amongst all those traditional talents and being proud of her chosen profession. I was so happy to see this video going viral, people talking about how awesome nurses are (because we are), supporting one another, lifting each other up. It was/is beautiful!

And then, perhaps, you saw this:

Ummm... yea. Where Joy Behar asked, "why does she have a doctor's stethoscope around her neck?" Oy.

Which resulted in great memes such as:
Shout out to my fellow CNMC nurses for this! :)
Even doctors all over the place were posting pictures of support... like this guy:

It's great! People are talking about nurses! So much! It's great to get so much recognition, positive attention and love from so many people. We really do have an awesome job... no matter where you practice, inside or outside of the hospital setting.

But dang... some nurses are peeved. OUTRAGED. Petitioning to get "The View" cancelled.



Over some incredibly ignorant things that were said? Those ladies have no idea what they are talking about. They are talk show hosts. They talk and talk and talk and talk. That's what they do. A lot of it is useless and boring. Are we surprised that they don't know much about a nurse and their profession?

I mean, the reality is: not many people have any inkling of what a nurse does. If you are a nurse, then you know. Plain and simple.

No TV show gets it right. Our friends and family don't always get the full picture. And while our patients and families know how much we care for them, even they don't have a clear idea.

Why are we surprised that a TV talk show host didn't either?

Let's take all of this enthusiasm and attention and turn it back to our work.
How can we improve patient safety?
How can we decrease our patient load?
What about increasing RN satisfaction?
What is the best way to increase medication/procedure compliance?

Imagine what a difference we (the nurses) could be making for our patients and families, if we spent all this time trying to improve best practices, decrease hospital acquired infections, increase our nurse/staff morale, instead of trying to get Joy Behar fired?

Harsh? Perhaps. But, I'm entitled to my opinion, too! :)

Let's just keep doing what we are doing. Let's take our "15 minutes of fame" and share our stories. Tell the world why we are awesome. Remind them that we are so much more than #justanurse.

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Not Alone Series: Welcome Back + Announcement

Hello, ladies!!

Gosh, it's been a busy, but amazing Summer! I hope it's been that way for you, too! When we took our Summer hiatus, I didn't realize 1) how much I needed the break and time to get things done (like move and such) and 2) how much I MISS you guys. Seriously!

Who would have thought that people you (mostly) have never met and only communicate through the written word, can be such a big part of your life?! When Morgan and I first started down this Not Alone Series road, I don't think we ever imagined what an amazing community that would come from it.

All of your prayers and encouragement and love have been a staple in my life the last few years, and I am so incredibly thankful to God for placing you all in my life in this most unusual way.

I am also still in awe that we have been going for over 2 years!! :) That in and of itself is such an incredible accomplishment, and I only have you guys (and God) to thank for the success of this community.  Without either... well, it just wouldn't be.

Thank God you all have been wanting this community, in the interest of transparency, because Morgan and I have had moments of being completely burned out. Not sure how to keep going. Slacking on topics. Lagging with motivation. Our enthusiasm seemed to run dry at moments.

But then... one of you would email or comment or write in our group- saying how incredibly thankful YOU were for this community, as well. You have no idea how needed, how important, how encouraging those words were for us. Obviously God was still using us- this community- and what we were doing (and lacking) in big ways.

And we can't say no to God.

So, we have been praying for the future of NAS. Discerning what the next steps should be. Should we continue? How to keep going?

Well, we've made some decisions.

We feel that at this time, we need to take a step back and allow other women to be more involved. Morgan and I will take a more "behind the scenes" role, helping with social media, promotion, etc. We will still be linking up occasionally and being around the FB group, don't you worry.

Uhhh... so who is going to be hosting and such then?


Please give a warm welcome to Rachel and Lindsay!!!!!!

They have graciously said yes to you, this community and God by taking over all things hosting/blog related! Both have been pretty active within this community and are super supportive. They love the mission of NAS and all that we strive to do- namely to remind each other that we are not broken, we are not lost, we are not left behind... and we are most definitely not alone.

Be sure to give them lots of virtual hugs and high fives, ok!?
Lindsay: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Email
Rachel: Blog | Email

Because some will ask:
  • Tuesday will still be link-up day.
  • All hosting will be done at Rachel's or Lindsay's (just as it alternated between Morgan and me).
  • Send any topic suggestions to them (or share on our FB page or group).
  • We start NEXT Tuesday, September 15th.

Next week we are talking about:
The Five Love Languages
Dr. Gary Chapman has outlined five ways people give and receive love in his book "The 5 Love Languages." Take the quiz at to discover yours! What is your love language? How does that affect your approach to romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships? How do you give and receive love with people who have different love languages?

Before we go... could you do me a favor???
Keep praying for NAS... and all the women we may reach.
And will you share our FB page, if you are into that sort of thing?! :)

So happy to be back!
Love, hugs and prayers,

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Random thoughts + pics

There are so many things that I want to share here... but I just don't know how to get them all out of my head. It's not as if I have a lot to catch you up on... it's just that... I have been thinking quite a bit lately, and well... would love to formulate them into blog posts. But, I don't know where to begin.

Here are some random things rolling around in my head. Perhaps one day I will get to expand upon them more. I guess that's what happens when you move, start a new job and try to find a community... your blog gets a little lost. I love this space. I love connecting with you all here. But, sometimes... you can only do so much. Right??

At least for me, anyway.

God's love is so amazing. Amiright?! I just... am so in awe of His love for me. ME. An imperfect person with a sometimes too short temper, who gets frustrated over the silliest things. Who struggles with loving herself through and through. Who decides to do other things, when she knows she should pray. Who looks to others for encouragement and validation about things in life, when really, that should come from God, and God alone. Yet, with all those imperfections... I am so loved. I desire that love first and foremost. It is that love that keeps me going... that comforts me when I am unsure... that allows me to be ok with the fact that I may never get married... that will satisfy all of my desires and longings. That is a great Love, indeed.

Nurses are real-life superheroes. Seriously. I am so damn (sorry!) proud to be a nurse. I am doing some orienting shifts on the floor (my actual role is no longer at the bedside, but I am around the unit, and to best support my fellow nurses I need to know what's up), and let me tell you. I am SO out of practice! Being away from the bedside for over 3 years... shoot. You can tell. Some things have come back, but boy! I have SUCH an appreciation for nursing. The knowledge, the compassion, the running around, the trust, etc etc... it's a lot. It's amazing. It's not for the faint of heart. To all of my nurse friends- YOU ROCK! Thank you for doing the wonderful things that you are doing!

Dangit for community being so hard to find. Ugh. I am still feeling pretty lonely these days. Besides going to work everyday... I have yet to find things to do. I am not saying this as a "whoa is me"... it's just the reality right now. I know it will come. It's just so obvious how important community is when you all of a sudden don't have it anymore. Sure, I have my NAS and BIS... but, nothing compares to real life talk, hugs, laughs and prayer.

No prayer time is no good. I am still trying to come up with a routine... figure out my schedule... blah blah. Anyway, I've realized this before annnnnd again with all of these changes, that if I don't make any time to pray - even 5 minutes - things just don't feel right. I need that down time. I need that chat with God to get some sort of equilibrium.  It makes everything else make sense.

There are many other thoughts... but I am watching God's Not Dead (have you seen it?) with my Dad and stepmom, so I'm gonna go! :)

Oh, but pictures... maybe. Hmm... not too many. See, not much going on! :) Only pics of me. Fun times.

I may or may not have had TOO much coffee this day.

My oldest niece turned FIVE a few days ago. FIVE. How did that happen?!

Fist PSL of the season!!!

Homemade cookies, handwritten note and info about a friends' soon-to-be mission year!
Pray for all the missionaries around the world!

Have a great week, errbody!
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iPhoto Catch Up

Two weeks down.

Many, many, I hope, years to go!

Of my new job, that is. If you couldn't read my mind. :)

Things are going really well! I am loving it... and I am sooooo tired at the same time. I am learning to be patient with myself and not put unrealistic expectations on what I should be doing, what I should know, etc. Everyday I am choosing that. Everyday I have to remind myself.

Anyway! I thought I'd do a quick recap of the last couple of weeks... although, b/c I don't have cute kids around all the time, I don't have that many photos. :) Hope you enjoy, nonetheless!

Outside of Union Station... I get the employee shuttle from here everyday.

I never buy ice cream... but when it's around, I always eat it. :)

Hawaiian day at Starbucks.

Grammy's dining room is always set. You never know when you'll have guests!

I walk buy this yummy display every morning.

Stuck in traffic.
At least the view is pretty.

Pretty morning walk.

Wine with friends.

At the winery with Sarah Therese!

Headed to Target, stumbled upon a farmer's market, enjoying some iced coffee.

Celebrated Sarah's birthday!

I love mornings like this. 

Yay! More internet friends IRL... and college friends! :)
Yes, I shamelessly stole this from Jen's IG!

Marie Miller and L'Angelus!
So so so good.

That's a little of what's going on. :) I hope you all are doing well!

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Unrelated pic of a winery. :)


I am 10 days into my new job!


And. I am exhausted. 8:15? The wall. By 9? Craaaaawling into bed. If I am still up around 10? Shoot... I am probably spurting out incoherent sentences. Zombie walking.

Huh, perhaps I shouldn't even be writing this right now. It's currently 8:16. Meh... I'm a rebel. What can I say?! ;)

Starting a new job is crazy, right? LOTS OF NEW. Information overload. Trying to be friendly and get to know people. And just basically trying to figure out what h*** your job IS! I say that in the most light-hearted way, of course.

Because... it's awesome. I am just so happy to be back. Genuinely happy to be there. Right now, at this time, this is where I am supposed to be. It feels good. It feels right.

With all of that, though, I am not immune to the worry or doubts. They creep in every now and again. In ways I wasn't expecting. When I start to gloss over in yet another meeting, thoughts like, will I be good enough? Will I make my old friends/coworkers AND the new ones proud? Can I even do this?

Ya know. Those.

They are fleeting. They are moments. But they are there. I try not to dwell on them. I remind myself that I am at this job for a reason. I was hired because people believe in me. I am a good nurse. I have something to offer.

And. To be patient with myself. I have a tendency to want to do ALL THE THINGS. Get involved with that. Volunteer for that. Help with that committee. Organize the new peeps.


No. I need the foundation. I need to learn and re-learn and get the basics down (again). How will I ever be able to fully support my fellow nurses if I don't know what I'm doing? How will they trust me?

Outside of work, I find that I want to do all the things with my new parish. Go to the young adult things. Find my people.

But, wait.

It will come. There is no expectation for me to have a connection with people right away. Build awesome relationships right away. I can't... it just won't happen. I want that (NEED that), but I can't force it. I can't just make those connections happen.

I have to be patient.

I need to take a step back. There is no pressure to make things happen RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. Nope. That's just silly ol' me thinking so.

Silly, Jen, ;)

Annnnnnd, this needs to end. Entering into crazy mode.

Oh! If you didn't notice... I went for it and bought a domain for the blog! I don't think anything special has to happen, but if you want to be safe and not miss any of my wonderful posts (*note sarcasm*), be sure to add this address into your reader. :)

Mmmkay. G'night!

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Nurse + life ramblings

AHHHH!!!!! I am official, official, people!!! :) :) :)

There are not enough exclamation points that will properly display my excitement!

I am still in such awe that I am even starting this job. A job that I thought I could get "one day" but never thought it was actually a possibility.

But, man... that day is upon me. That day is Monday.

For the last couple of years, I felt a little lost as a nurse. I mean, I guess if you've been following me here you know I've been a little lost in general, I suppose. :) So, that makes sense.

But, when I left the hospital to go to Honduras, I left all I knew in the world of nursing. I left my mentor nurses. I left an amazing organization. I left an incredible boss. I left technologies and procedures and taking care of kids that would only ever be at this one place.

And I knew deep down that I would be back there again one day, but wasn't sure how or when, so I just went where I felt I needed to be at the time.

As we all know by now, Florida was that place. It was where I grew and learned so much about who I was and who I was meant to be... all the while in a job that I really didn't like. That I didn't really feel I was making a difference. That I didn't even feel like a nurse most of the time.

And maybe that's why I was in that job... so I could focus on myself and not on my job. Because when I was working at the hospital before I was all in. I was involved in many different aspects of hospital life- and I loved it. It became so much a part of me. I was busy all the time doing different things. My identity was so closely wrapped up in being a nurse.

And the last couple of years forced me to realize that I am more than a nurse.

Just as I have also realized, I am more than where I work.
I am more than my vocation.
I am more than the things that I do on this Earth.

I needed these last few years to remind myself of those truths.
I needed to believe in who I was and who I was created to be.
I needed to heal.
I needed to grow.

And then this amazing job opportunity practically fell in my lap. The timing. The interview. The people I saw again. The feeling of being back in the hospital.

It all just feels... right. And good. And awesome.

And it starts on Monday.
I can't wait to see what challenges come my way. How I will grow. What I will learn. The people I meet. The stories I can share. The love that I can give.

Please pray for me as I transition into this new role. This new job.
And thank you, of course, for the prayers you have said for me along this journey. They were felt.

Blessings and love,
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#DCbound (Roadtrippin') + #HelloDC (Exploring)

As I have already stated... I have finally made it up to DC (more specifically NoVA!), and it is good and weird and awesome to be back!

I am just bored. Ha!

I was go go go from packing to the moving to the road trip to hanging out with Steph before she left. And then.... nothing. I don't know that many people yet, I don't belong to a parish and my job doesn't start for another week! So, starting all over again with building community and finding your place can be a little daunting, ya know?!

It's ok, though. I am seriously grateful for this time with my family. To just be. To pray. To drive around and get used to my surroundings again. It's all good stuff. I'm just ready to find my people.

But, I thought you might enjoy a little move/road trip/DC recap in pictures? I thought so.

Let's go!

Zuz was ALL about the big twuck... and was very helpful
getting some very important things loaded up!

Perfect way to end the evening... with my favoritest family watching the sunset on the beach.

Road Trip Day #1: Florida/Georgia

A little blurry... but the sweetest.
The morning I left, stopped by the Orams to say goodbye. It wasn't too long, b/c ya know...
it was painful enough. Those kids.
That family.
My bff.
I love them all so much.
I miss them everyday.

Ok! We are FINALLY on the road... 

This girl right here.
I am so thankful for her and her wonderful friendship.
ALL of her help.
Her level-headedness.
Her go-with-the-flowness.
Her prayers.
Her love.
Couldn't have made this trip without her.

We had to stop. We just had to.
Florida is the longest flipping state EVER.
I was emotional. I was tired. I was drained.
My car overheated (again).
Sometimes, you have to forfeit your plans just a little, so you are prepared for the next.
And we did. Stopped at a hotel for the night when we got to Georgia.
And it was glorious.
A little toe-dip in the pool. Yummy dinner. Good night sleep.

"Truck parking"

Can't have a good night without these guys... ok, and Steph, too!

Road Trip Day #2: Georgia/South/North Carolina

Woke up and went straight through SC and onto NC.
Had only a few minutes at South of the Border b/c I needed to get my car looked at.

Of course, though, we made time for a selfie.... obviously.
Ah! I was so excited to get to Fayetteville! A good friend from college lives there with her adorable family. I hadn't seen Lisa and Dan since their WEDDING 7 years ago. 7!! I love social media because we have been able to reconnect and I have seen her family grow... and now they have two adorable kiddos that I couldn't get enough of.

Another thing to note- Dan and Lisa looooooove each other. I would go on to say ADORE each other! :) It was absolutely beautiful to witness their love/life. To see my friend from college living out her vocation as wife and mom, with a man who was all about living out his vocation as husband and dad.  It was refreshing and encouraging. Not because it was "perfect," but because it was life. Their life. And they were living it joyfully.

Thank you Dan and Lisa for your awesome hospitality, for your yummy food and your cute kiddos to play with. I can't wait to see you again!!


Peterrrrrr! And that smile.
It slays me every time.

This was the first and best one!
Clare happened to close her eyes juuuuuust at this moment.

Road Trip Day #3: North Carolina/Virginia/NOVA

While we waited for my car to get fixed up, we enjoyed more time with Lisa and the kiddos, had lunch downtown and enjoyed our time. :) We finally got on the road, stopped for dinner and entered NOVA just as the sun was to set. What a welcome home!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

Steph has a thing for Cheetos.
 Exploring DC area Day #1

Because I like to take the same pic...
we said goodbye to that big, yellow, truck! It was kind of sad.
We pretty much felt like bada**es driving that thing.
Yes, technically different day... but we managed to get all my crap into storage
on the first day we were there.
Thanks to my Daddy and Steph!

Getting some much needed prayer time in.
This trip could also be titled "Catholics do DC"

Gave Steph a little tour of my alma mater- MU!

Exploring DC Area Day #2

After Mass we headed to National Harbor and it was awesome, per usual.
We had lunch.
People watched.
The good stuff.

Uncle Bob or Nick Jonas????
HA! Steph walked by this portrait (left) at Grammy's and says,
"So, your Uncle is Nick Jonas?!"
And now I can never unsee it.

Exploring DC area Day #???

It was so fun to show Steph the shrine!! :)

A yummy lunch at Busboys & Poets.

A Pope selfie Part deux.

Ah!! I was SO excited to meet Elise! I met her through #BISsisterhood.
It was fabulous! She is the sweetest!

Then off to the Franciscan Monastery.
Where we attended daily Mass!
 Exploring DC area Day #???: 
Great Falls

Love this girl.

My favorite.

This was our last night together.
Binge-watching TV.
We were always laughing. It was thee best.

Phew! Made it.

Thank you. Thank you all for your many many MANY prayers for the journey up. They were felt and appreciated. I couldn't have gotten through the trip without them.

Thank you, Steph... for everything. I will remember this time together for always. You are such an amazing friend to take time out of your life to do this with me. But, mostly that you pray for me, love me, encourage me and make me laugh. Thank you for being exactly who you are. *kissy face emoji*

And with that. I will end.
Hugs and love,

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