An Oil Cleansing Method Update

I am here to do a little update on my Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) experience, using coconut oil. Surprisingly, my original post has been the most viewed post since I hit publish way back in June! If you randomly found my blog by searching about OCM, WELCOME! I am so happy to have you. I hope it has helped a little bit in your search of finding something that works for your skin. :)

If you haven't read that post in a while... go ahead and refresh your memory. Enjoy!


Welcome back! :)

So, this is where we left it:

By June... I was feeling pretty good with how my skin was reacting to the OCM and my Clarisonic. Especially after writing that post, man! I was so happy to see the results, honestly. It felt good to actually see what my face looked like, instead of what I thought my face looked like in my head. You know how you always see your imperfections worse than the world around you... that was me.

July and August, I continued... and then I was given a new product to try. And, let's just say, that didn't do too much. I didn't have a horrible reaction or anything, but for the amount of time it took each day to use it and to not see any great results wasn't worth it for me. Oh well!

I am not sure what I did after that, but I got a little lax about the OCM. And, well, my face suffered for it. Finally in October, I got serious again.

Same routine as before: "Wash" with coconut oil, wipe off with warm wash cloth, use Clarisonic and end with a little Witch Hazel.

And this is where I am today!

I think my face may be BETTER now than back in June, even with the break thrown in there (and a stressful December!). :) :)

I still have ways to go, but I am happy with what I am seeing! I know it will never, ever be the "pill perfect," but I am thrilled to have something actually... working.

There is still so much scarring. I am not sure what to do about that. If you out there who read this and have any suggestions, please let me know! Anything!

Other Random Things:

  • Organic, unrefined, expeller pressed coconut oil seems to work the best for my skin.
  • Switch out your wash clothes regularly (I notice a difference in my skin if I haven't changed to new clothes at the 2 week mark)
  • As a commenter pointed out, try not to stick your dirty hands in the jar of oil. The bacteria will stay there and then you'll be spreading that around your face. Mmmm! Wash your hands, use a clean spoon, or keep a smaller amount in a little tupperware (which is what I do!).
  • I use my Clarisonic Mia 2 once a day, which is at night.
  • No really, change the brush head about every 3 months!
  • OCM + the Clarisonic can actually be REALLY drying (especially in the colder, dryer parts of the country). I used my Clarisonic every other day when I was in DC and even used a moisturizer.
  • I will mix part of my moisturizer (BareEsentuals) with some oil. The oil alone doesn't always help when my skin is dry (which is rarely, down here in FL)
  • Change out your pillow cases regularly, too. I try (don't always get to it) clean them weekly.

 Annnnnd, that's what I've got. I hope this has been a useful update for you. Let me know if you have any other questions! Or, have you done/are doing OCM?! I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I literally almost just asked you last week to do an update on your skin. I got a clarisonic for Christmas after always borrowing it from my mom when I was at home and I don't think I will ever give it up. I cannot believe what a difference it makes! I am so glad that you have found a combination that works for you! In regards to the scarring have you ever tried Vitamin E oil and even better Vitamin E oil with lavender and frankincense oil? It isn't going to be magic but it comes close sometimes. When I have acne that is on the mend I put some on before I go to bed and it is 10x better when I wake up. The biggest difference is the first night but it does continue to speed the process along.

    1. I agree. Moisturize after the clairisonic. Dont try your ski out. We produce oil bc we need it. U r doing all the right things!!

  2. In your previous post, you mention you put a body wash on your clarisonic. Is that to clean the brush head itself or to wash your face with? I'm just curious what soap (if any) you put on the brush for your face. I have a clarisonic already and want to try the Coconut oil. Thanks so much for sharing your acne experience after going off the pill. I have a similiar situation and am trying to find my perfect combo of products!

    1. Hi Shannon! :) Sorry for the delay!!
      Yes I use my body wash still to cleanse the brush before I use it on my face. It's an Amway product, their basic body wash (not anti-bacterial as I previously said. Oops!)

      I get rid of the soap for the most part before I use the brush, though. Sometimes there will still be a bit that foams up on my face, but not a whole bunch. When I chose to do OCM, I didn't want to use soaps anymore... that's the point!! But, I new that I needed to keep the brush clean. So, I don't really use any soap, but if it still happens to be on the brush when I wash my face, it's ok!

  3. I love my Clarisonic, too! I tend to break out in contact areas--my phone, my coat collar (we actually have winter here)--so great advice about the pillowcase, but also watch what you are putting in your hair! I have naturally wavy hair and all that dimethicone stuff was considered a frizz-fighting miracle UNTIL I realized it was gunking up my cheeks and chin. You might have to stop or rotate everything until you find a culprit (and I hate having to throw out something I just bought because it made me break out!) but it's worth it.

    I also use argan oil (the light version by Josie Maran) sparingly before or after exposure to really cold air, like when I have outdoor duty at school. No breakouts, and no flaky skin, either.

    1. Yessss... all the things our face touches. Ugh! I find that my left cheek/jaw is worse than my right. That's where I hold the phone mostly!! So, I have to be cautious about cleaning my phone at work and rotating the use on both sides. Or use the hands-free for my cell phone!

  4. Hi Jen! I've been reading your blog for a little while but haven't commented yet! Have you heard of using raw honey as a face mask? It really helped my acne and is fantastic for acne scarring! And don't worry about it being messy, it washes off with just water. :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! :) :)
      I have not heard of raw honey face mask. But, I may have to give that a try. It sounds intriguing! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. It’s great that you are satisfied with the skincare products you use. Because it means that the problems are properly addressed and solved, one step at a time. It can sometimes take a long time before it can show the good result. But once it happened, it will truly be amazing. And when it comes to scarring, you can try using a chemical peel. It is helpful in maintaining youthful-looking skin, and treat skin pigmentation and acne scarring.

    Byron Brewer @ Knight & Sanders

  6. Hi. I found your post after googling for OCM before and after.
    I seem to have similar skin to yours, and started OCM 3 weeks ago, and still get pretty bad breakouts... and every breakout scars me, and leaves red marks for months... and in worst case, I get a rolling/deeper scar.

    I wonder if you could update on your progress now... since it was two years ago - please :-)
    Tips for scars; dermastamping + vitamin c and a vitamin a cream (my vit A cream had Vaseline, but still was awesome on my skin). I haven't been able to use my vitamin A cream since becoming a mother, and planning a second child. Dermastamping/rollingdoesnt work for me now, since you should use it on breakout areas...

    Also, I'm just using castor oil and sunflower seed oil for OCM, since I tried coconut oil two years ago, which totally made my skin freak out.

    I would be very thankful for an update!


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