How to laugh...

... with the written word.

I don't know about you, but there are a variety of ways to let someone know you think something is funny when you are writing an email, gchatting or texting. But, sometimes it can be confusing as to know which version of "haha" is the right one.

Well, I am here to help a lady (or gentleman, if you are here reading) out. Disclaimer: I have done absolutely no research, this is all from my own experience. :)  I will provide you with the different forms of laughing that I have found work best and when to use them.

Haha = your basic chuckle. Sometimes, a plain old 'ha' can be used, as well.

Hahahaha (or any length, more than the basic) = you think something is pretty funny, and maybe laughed out loud. Usually the longer, the more funny you found it.

LOL = pretty much a "hahahahaha"

lol = when you think that something should be funny, but don't actually laugh out loud. Perhaps just smiled really big? (that's what I have gathered, anyway... I don't use this often)

HAHAHAHAHA = you think something is extremely funny, hilarious, even; really laughed out loud.

= when you think something is really funny; best used with "HAHAHA" and "LOL"; but understood on its own.
(and such a bummer that it's only for texting! Come on gchat!)

ha or HA = a tiny chuckle; or a sarcasm laugh.

ha ha or ha. ha. = sarcasm laughs.

bahahaha or BAHAHAHA = something you found funny, but perhaps didn't expect the humor?

LMBO or ROTFL = laughing my butt off or rolling on the floor laughing; I suppose when you are actually laughing you can use these. I have seen them used, but don't use them myself.

And of course things like: "I'm dyyyyyyying!!" or "Oh my gosh! I can't take it!" or "HILARIOUS!" or any other way of getting your point across that you found something really funny. :)

There you have it! How to laugh when writing. I hope this has been enlightening for you. And, please, if I have missed something important, let me know. I am always learning my laughing technique!

HA!  Or is it haha!  Or, ha ha.  Oh wait...

forget it!

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  1. What an awesome, random, educational post. Thanks for enlightening us! :-) My favorite is "BWahahaha" used in more funny situations than "haha", mostly just with people I know well. What does that mean? I have no clue!

  2. I like the llol...literally laughing out loud.

  3. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Love it, totally made my day. Hope I used enough HAs

  4. This CRACKED me up! Love it! Let's shall I express it... hahaha! ;)


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