Joy to the World {a book review}

I love Scott Hahn. I mean... I don't know him, obviously, but I love his writing. And, if you are a Catholic living today, you've probably heard of him, mostly from his awesome conversion story. While sometimes I have to reread and then reread certain parts again... he never fails to make things... make sense. Modern theologian for ya!

When I saw that Blogging for Books had Scott Hahn's newest book, Joy to the World, available for review, I knew I had to get it!


This is not a devotional. Or a reflection of what Christmas really means, although maybe it is just that.  This is the greatest story ever told.  God loves us. He chose to come down from Heaven and reveal himself in human form, as a baby. Born to parents who have little to offer other than themselves full of love.

We all know the story.

But, Hahn goes deeper. We get to know the characters more. Mary, Joseph, Kind Herod, the Magi, the shepherds, the angels. The lives they were living... and how the coming of Christ and his birth changed their lives, those after, and ours today.

It's taken me a while to read, as life does get in the way, but it's also because at moments I wanted time to reflect on different aspects of the story. While other times I did have to reread parts where Hahn would be providing biblical explanations and my eyes would glaze over. It's not that it's hard to read, but sometimes it's overwhelming with all of names and locations and relationships and connections that all tell the story of God and Jesus and his love for us. It's one of those things that is just hard for me to grasp. I do appreciate the way Hahn writes, though. He doesn't water it down. He makes the bible and all of it's characters relatable, as if they were *gasp* real people. :)

Overall, I am happy I read this book. I have a whole new perspective on our beloved Christmas story. It's so much more full and fun and interesting than you could imagine.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!!

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I received one free copy of Joy to the World in exchange for an honest review. I promise, all honest. All me. :) Thanks Blogging for Books!

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  1. Thanks for tipping me off to this book. I have read about half of it and couldn't have described the book better even if I tried. I think you especially hit the nail on the head when you describe getting to know the characters better.


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