Being in my 30s

Haha... I can say that I am in my 30s now, you know! A week into it... and well, I love it! ;)

Life is more... peaceful? Awesome? I am all the more wiser and understand life so much better now.

Turning 30 soon?! Get ready!

HA! Ok... just being silly. But! I am feeling really good these days. An inner peace and contentedness that I haven't felt in... a very long time, if ever.  Something has shifted in the last week or so. Was it me turning 30? Being burned by a guy who said he "liked" me... and not really letting it bother me? I'm not too sure. But, whatever the reason... I'm glad it came. I know not everyday will feel like this, maybe not every month! I am ok with that. I am so happy and proud to be entering my 30s on such a great high!

And boy, did I enter my 30s in the best of ways. With great friends. On an island. ON AN ISLAND. Because, I am so blessed and have the best of friends, really.

We went to Captiva Island, FL and stayed at the South Seas Island Resort! For those interested :)

Let's just get to the pics, shall we?!

My parents surprised me with beautiful flowers!
Mart and Steph got everyone adorable koozies!!

Our "villa" was awesome! 3 bed, 3 bath! WITH STAIRS!!!

I have wonderful friends.

How beautiful is she?!

Beautiful scene to wakeup to!

I loved just hanging out with my friends... with no where to be!

Shout-out to Rahki for these awesome mugs!!!
Visit her Esty shop!
Who doesn't like hanging out on their villa balcony looking at the bay?!

So amazing.

Seriously... how am I so lucky to have such wonderful ladies in my life?!

Look who came to visit me?!?!

I was thrilled :)

Me: Zuz, what are you doing?!
Zuzu: I watchin' the television.
Getting ready for dinner!

Orange Crunch Cake... SO AMAZING!

At the Bubble Room for dinner. Such an odd place, but the desserts are FANTASTIC!

I loved waking up and peeking out the window.

Perfect, quiet morning.

Saint Isabella Catholic church.

Friends who pray together, stay together!

Thanks to my mom and dad, we enjoyed a very yummy brunch!
Jennine and I went parasailing!!! It was both thrilling and terrifying, yet FANTASTIC!
Ah! Look how high we were!!
My Aunt sent me balloons... like in a box!! Ha.
Zuz and I are "blowing out the candle"!

This will be a birthday I remember for the rest of my life. My friends spent an entire weekend with me... loving me, celebrating me and just hanging out. I am so very blessed to have all of them in my life. Thank you to Martha for working her pregnant tail off to make the weekend so special. It wouldn't have been the same without your hard work! Thanks to the others for all of your love, prayers, cards, food and drinks! You are the bestest.

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  1. So glad you had such an amazing birthday!!

  2. Getting to the (birthday) party late, but hooray for you! That looks like a great way to celebrate. And honestly, I feel more together (and hot) in my 30s, so embrace it, girls!


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