NAS: Spiritual Writings

What are some of your favorite or go-to books, devotionals or even blogs that help encourage you in your spiritual life?

Hmmm... I wish I had some great resources for you in this area. I love to read, but I don't seem to have any books or anything that I always go back to. Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to say about this. I am always looking for new reads. :)

Here are ones that come to mind, though:

  • Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn
  • My Sisters The Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell (I need to read this again. You can read my review here.)
  • Blessed is She - online/email devotional; daily readings and reflection sent to your inbox!
Let's hear what you got! Don't forget to linkup below!

How do you travel as a single lady?! Any tips or tricks you'd like to share? Do you have anything fun planned for this year?

March 3
Dating Fast
We've all heard about them, but have you ever done one? If so, what was your experience? If you haven't, would you consider doing one? Why or why not?

March 10
Encouraging Men
We seem to always have something to say about guys treating us right! ...or, not right! But, what does that mean? Have you ever thought to share those insights so guys have a better idea on what to say/how to act? Well, let's do it! What are some good habits guys can take up when dealing with us ladies?

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  1. Rome Sweet Home is great along with My Sisters the Saints and I realize I need to dive into Blessed is She more!

  2. I liked Rome Sweet Home, but all those terrible puns in The Lamb's Supper drove me batty!


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