Life Lately {Photo Dump}

I'm still very much... silent around these parts. I'm trying to figure out how to get my groove back and get to writing again (however I did manage to update my NAS post from Tuesday this morning. Eh, not my best writings!) I can't force it, though... it will happen, whenever it will happen.

Due to the silence, perhaps you have no idea what's going on in my life. Unless, of course, you follow me on the 'gram or the Twitters. I am around there A LOT. So, you have an inkling of what I've been up to. :) But, who doesn't like getting caught up on life through iPhone pics?!

Namely... THIS GUY!!!

David Gregory made his debut on March 30 at 2:15pm with a full head of dark hair!
I was super lucky to meet the little dude less than an hour old!!

Therefore my life has been pretty consumed with baby cuddles and time with my favorite Goddaughter. Gosh, it's rough, I know.

Zuzu and I got to hang out while Mama worked very hard to get baby brother into the world. And, perhaps, one of my proudest moments was getting her to nap. She hasn't slept on me since she was teeeeeeeny tiny, and my heart wanted to explode, of course.

"Da baby is here! My baby budder has arrived!"

First sibling selfie with Auntie Jen! :)

Zuzu and I have gone on lots of adventures to the pool (yay for GG and Grampy's new condo that has a pool!) and the beach and the park and getting treats (Dunkin' Donuts, mostly!)... so that Mama and David can have some quality time together, and sleep. :)

One of my fave photos!!!
Please continue to pray for the Orams as they continue to transition and settle as a family of four!

This face.


My heart.

Best date.... ever.

Lest you think that's all I've done... nope. :)

My sweet friend, Sarah from Cherishing Everyday Beauty has begun a beautiful ministry of making cord rosaries. She absolutely LOVES making them, and even better, making them for YOU! If you are in need of a new rosary, or as a gift for someone, please contact Sarah. She does it for free, but does ask for a small donation if it's possible. Her Deacon Dad even gives them a blessing before they are shipped to you. :)


Sunsets with friends :)
 My beautiful friend, Nadine, came into the Church at Easter Vigil. It was absolutely beautiful. One day, if I get my writing groove back, maybe I will talk about my experience being her sponsor. It was a wonderful and humbling experience. One that I would do again in a heart beat!

Welcome home, Nadine!! And congratulations!!


Just beautiful.

Continuing to reflect on the word and journal every morning.
Continued Lenten habit FTW!!

Cannot wait to dive into this Blessed is She journal tomorrow!!!!

Sometimes, taking the same selfie and belly laughing with a good friend makes for a perfect moment.

And well, those are some snapshots of my life lately.

Lots on my mind.

Discerning life.

While trying to get my life back in some sort of order after these last few weeks.



Annnnywayyy... hope you are doing well! :) Prayers and love to you!

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  1. I'm sitting here drooling over adorable baby photos, then I realize I'm suddenly reading about cord rosaries. Thanks for a sweet review, Jen!! :)

  2. Great pics, auntie! And yes, I wondered the same thing about MY niece when I saw her at Easter (she's almost 11yo. . . and taller than me).

    You're in my prayers. I can hear your frustration (or is it sadness?) and all I can say is, sometimes all you can do is just keep going--you can try to discern all you want but sometimes the discernment is on its way to you. If that makes any sense. (The past year of my life might support some of what I'm saying.) Hang in there!


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