Coffee with Jen {Vol 1}

I'm trying something new... and I have no idea what I am doing. :)

I am trying out vlogging.

It's been on my heart to try this, so today was the day! If you want to hear my ramble on and on for about 10 minutes, please enjoy this video. If not, I don't blame you.

I wish I could have coffee with you ladies ALL OF THE TIME. So, I thought I'd bring that to you. I will be sharing anything... just like this blog. Things that I would love to chat with you about in person.

Who knows how many of these I will do, or how often I will post. And after today, editing and trying to upload your very (veryveryvery) basic video, I might never do it again.

Technology... you are annoying.

Without further ado, your first installment of Coffee with Jen:

Let me know what you think!!

**Edited in later after watching this over and over...

Note to self for future blogs:

  • Work on NOT saying "um"- it's distracting
  • You over use the word "amazing"
  • Make an outline of things you want to actually say
  • Do your hair next time
  • Realize the mic on the computer pics up quite a bit of noise (like the beeping from the coffee maker)
  • Don't make a video that's 10 minutes... it's too long!
If you have any of suggestions on ways I can improve (without actually saying, EVERYTHING), please let me know. Seriously! I really enjoyed doing this. I want it to be more natural and hope it gets easier to edit and such later. So it doesn't always look like a 5 year old cut and pasted it together! :) :)

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  1. Love hearing you voice, Jen! And I totally had hazelnut coffee this morning too :-) SO DELICIOUS! If I could have coffee dates with all you ladies, I would be so down for that. Love how you kept this positive and encouraging too. You could really be onto something! Maybe a NAS prompt: rambling encouraging videos :-) I will totally watch if you do one again!

  2. This was fun. I love how you were yourself, your personality totally came through. Do not change that. As someone who actually coffee and conversation with you this is great and I look forward to more. Ten minutes isn't too long. The rambling made it genuine and not over rehearsed. One bad thing about this video it made me remember it's been way too long since I've seen you and now I'm really missing you and everyone else.

  3. It reminded me of our time in Savannah - just hanging out together! I love that!

  4. Can't wait to watch this later (just at work, boo!). :) Vlogs are so fun! This makes me want to make another one!!! :)

  5. Finally got this watched and I hope you do more! It didn't seem too long or rambling to me, but then that's probably exactly how I would sound if I tried something like this. Too bad we can't actually hang out and drink coffee (Though I would probably be drinking a shot of espresso. Black.) and talk about life. :)

  6. This was fun! We should have a VLOG week for NAS one week! That could be fun!

    I'm not sure the right pronunciation of Blessed either..I hear it both ways. I love Arleen as well. I met her last fall at Disney World at Night of Joy...right after we met she asked me to go on Space Mountain with her and her friends....she is just as awesome IRL as she is online!

  7. So fun to hear your voice! Hope you do another one!


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