Momma's Birthday Surprise!

Jumping for joy that I surprised her! ;)
Photo by Hunter Johnson

Well, if you follow me on the 'gram or Twitters.... then you know I was a bit sneaky a couple weekends ago and and flew out to Minneapolis to surprise my momma for her 60th birthday!! We had a great weekend and I wanted to capture it here... and share some pics from our fun photo shoot!

You like my very casual look, don't you?!

Gettin' fancy for the photo shoot!

I could sit and look at these pics all of the time!

We had so much fun, even though we had no idea what we were doing! The moments that were captured were just so perfect and authentic. After having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend (which I neglected to blog about) here (in Naples) where we were able to really catch up and reconnect.... it was nice to see her again so soon. To reinforce the things we want to be better at in our relationship. No one ever told me that one of the hardest and best relationships that I would have to constantly work on would be one with my Momma. But, such is the case for us. I am proud of us, and I am proud that this woman is my mom. She has helped me and encouraged me to be the best person I can be.

I love you so much, Mom! :)

We ended the great day with a very yummy dinner at an unassuming restaurant in St. Paul! So good!

The rest of the weekend, we hung out and visited people. Basically just soaked up as much time together before I had to leave the next day. :)

I am so happy I was able to spend your birthday with you, Mom!! I love you very much!

All prof photos: Hunter Johnson
My dress: Loft
My white jacket: My mom- she's had it forever, no tag
Mom's dress: Target
Mom's white jacket- also no idea!
*we didn't plan on the white jackets, it just happened to work on that way! I love it.

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  1. What a wonderful recap of your surprise visit for my 60th birthday! It turns out that turning 60 is not as I expected, thanks to you and Paul! You made this 60 year old feel like a very special spring chick! I love you... most ❤️


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