NAS: Holy Spirit

Hello! Did you think I forgot about you, Not Alone Series ladies?! Well, I did not... I think about you quite often, actually, but I just haven't been around these parts.

But, today! Here I am! :) :)

And the prompt...

Holy Spirit!

What ever the Spirit leads (!) you to write about Him... please do! :) :)

Me? Oh, I love love LOVE me some Holy Spirit.

It's what puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I didn't know I would love the Holy Spirit so much, but when I was in college and went through the Life in the Spirit Seminar... I knew He was for me. The many gifts and fruits he gives people... and He gives me. I may not know fully those gifts, still, but thankfully our Lord is ever, ever patient!

I feel His presence the most when I am singing and praising, but I have found that He pops up in the little moments, as well- convos with friends, a moment of inspiration, the right words at the right time, the striking beauty of a sunset, etc.

So, you can imagine how exciting Pentecost is for me! It is allllll about the Holy Spirit!


But, at Mass, I was all sorts of... off. And it really bummed me out. My sweet Goddaughter was sick. I still hadn't gotten to the things I wanted/needed to do. Feeling disconnected from friends. Hadn't talked to my momma for the whole weekend!

I was distracted. I forgot to distribute the Eucharist to people. I almost dropped the host at one point. I had an awkward exchange with a woman who didn't know if she wanted to receive on the tongue or hand. People STILL don't know how to pass the baskets during the collection.

And all of a sudden Mass was over and I missed it. The Holy Spirit! The Eucharist! Wait! Where did you go?!

And then it hit me as I drove home.

He was there. Even in those moments when you don't feel Him... He is there. Always and forever.

In the end the people did receive the Eucharist. The money was collected. The grace was still off the charts and the Holy Spirit was swooping in.

Making up for the things I was lacking. Filling in the gaps.

Thank the sweet Lord for that, because, let's be honest... there are many gaps that need to be filled!

I am forever grateful for the Holy Spirit and the joy He brings me. Especially in those moments when I don't feel His presence. I know he is there. I know he loves me.

And he loves you, too! :)

What are your thoughts about the Holy Spirit?! Link up below!

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  1. That is what I LOVE about the Holy Spirit..he's there even when we don't think he is. I look back on my life at events that I thought were AWFUL but after the fact they weren't that bad and I can see how the Holy Spirit helped me through it.

    1. Hmmm... so true! Ha, darn hindsight! :)

  2. Someone I was with recently pointed out how silly it is to say "the Holy Spirit showed up tonight!" like a lot of people do, and I'd never thought about it like that. Just as you said, He's there waiting for us :-) What a good reminder!

    1. :) It's one of those things we take for granted, but it IS so wonderful to be reminded again!

  3. Those collection baskets, man! Somehow people are always surprised when they come and can't figure out what to do with them. We do this every single Sunday, guys. There can't be that many newcomers.

    1. hahahha! YES! Why?! Why does it have to be so difficult! Holy Spirit, help the people out!


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