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Happy Sunday, folks!

Listen, I have like 5 posts in various stages in my draft folder... all of them important (to me), yet I am struggling to get them finished. That happens, to everyone, right?!

But, then I am listening to a podcast on my run (such an amazing thinggggg.... whyyyyy did it take me SO LONG to do that instead of music that usually drives me cuh-ray-zee?!) and I was so excited and touched and inspired by the conversation, that here I am because I HAVE TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW... no, RIGHT NOW.


But, let me back up for a sec... mmmkay?! So, you've heard be talk about Blessed is She before (the awesome community of women that has a great social media presence and sends out the daily devotionals)?! I am sure you have. Well, Jenna (the founder) and her friend Christina (another blogger) started a podcast: Building Bridges Podcast. And because I am trying to be supportive of all BIS endeavors, I checked out the podcast. I really like it! There are only three episodes so far, but I can tell that I am really gonna get into it. The ladies are silly and funny (laughing while running, people), while going right for the heart when talking with their guests. So, things get deep and serious really quick... but it's still so lively that you don't feel like you are so drained afterwords. Does that even make sense?! It's basically just having some great heart to hearts with your friends. Anyway, check it out.

Their most recent interview was with Audrey Assad (musical artist... is that a thing?!). Everyone knows about her by now, right? If you've been here a while.... then I am sure of it. :) You guys... it was so good. So so so good.

I have so enjoyed and respected what Audrey does with her music for some time now. I read somewhere that she wants her music to be a prayer for people. She wants people to feel something. She reiterated that point in her interview, but I was first struck by it when I saw her in concert in the Fall.

I relived my college years as I visited Ave Maria University for the concert...
there are some things I don't miss about college! ;) haha

She sang beautifully, as always. I was praising and worshipping and all that jazz. She ended the night with "Lord I Need You"... stopped singing so that all of us, the audience, could sing the refrain a few times. It was absolutely beautiful. When we opened our eyes, she was gone. She had left. Walked off stage to be with her baby and end her night.

Part of me was disappointed! Ya know... because who doesn't want to try and meet artists that have influenced your life in some way. But, I was so struck by her action. I was struck because the concert wasn't about her. It was about Him. Praying. Adoring. Praising. Loving. Being in His presence. She was calling us to something more.

Her humility and grace and beauty was not lost on me in that moment.

Isn't that what beauty does?! It points us to something beyond ourselves. The way the ladies were talking about that in Audrey's interview really resonated with me. How to bring beauty to the world, when you don't feel like you have anything to offer? Obviously these ladies have such beautiful and tangible ways to do just that.

I want the world to see beauty. I don't want to be the girl that just sulks and compares and nitpicks other people's beautiful things (because as Audrey pointed out, in those instances, it's about you and not about how much better other people are). I want to celebrate beauty in all forms. I want to break free from the things that prevent me from seeing beauty and providing beauty to the world.

How can I do that? Well, first... by being exactly who I am. I was created by the one who is Beauty. So therefore, when I am being and striving for the person God created me to be, I am being authentically beautiful. I am beautiful. And the world deserves to see that. The more the world sees our true beauty, the harder time they will have at denying it for themselves. We are all beautiful in our own unique and awesome ways. True, even if it is cliché.

Other ways? No idea. :) I am still pondering this. By sharing the beautiful parts of the world around me? Being creative in some way (this is an area that I LACK)?! Continuing to love others as the beautiful people they were created to be?!

All of these things?


All I know is that I have been rambling on and on in a direction I wasn't planning on taking. Something is happening here... and I need roll with it. As Jesus says in today's Gospel from Mark, "Little girl, I say to you, ARISE!" We are all given new life each day we arise. God isn't done with me yet, just as He still had plans for that sweet girl many years ago, He has plans for all of us.

So, here I am, Lord... being open to your plans. To love. To grow. To bring beauty to others. I arise to meet you today. Where should we go?!

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  1. Love this, Jen! I think you have great ideas about how to share beauty. Pictures, articles, quotes, etc. - those are great to see. And I just love Audrey Assad's music. *sigh* so much beaty there!

  2. "The more the world sees our true beauty, the harder time they will have at denying it for themselves." Preach, preach, preach


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