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Arleen Spenceley spoke at my young adult group!
It was crazy and awesome to meet Arleen IRL! 
This is quite possibly my fave group pic. It makes me laugh so much.

My mom sent me a text, asking what I was doing... that's what I sent her.

National Donut Day AND the last day of school (for the kids, anyway) made for a good day!

Started Saturday morning off with confession and some prayer time.
Nothing quite like that, huh?!

Blogged, enjoyed some coffee and a snack.
And gave a stranger a stamp b/c he was asking where the post office was.
Just so he could get a stamp. I had some. :)

Doing a little shopping through texts... with a friend. :)

Enjoyed some great margs and yummy food with a friend!

Daddy and daughter enjoying some organ time.

 I took a TON... a ton... of pics of the babe today, here is a smattering:


A beautiful double rainbow tonight!

  • We celebrated TWO YEARS with the Not Alone Series!!! I can't believe it! So amazing.
  • This article and this post have some great thoughts about self-harm and our culture's celebration of it in some situations, but not others.
  • This post on Blessed is She really spoke to my heart... I have been where she is, and I still struggle with many of the things she talks about. So good!
  • I don't think I am good at flirting... but this post makes it seem doable. Smile and good eye contact... I can DO that. I just have to commit to it. :)
  • Ummm.... you guys. I gave in. I gave the blog a FB page. Ah! Who am I?! I just... I know that I am really bad at replying to your comments and reaching back to you, and I'm hoping that FB will be a bit easier?! I am not sure. So, if you're into that sort of thing, will you 'like' the page?! Thank you so much! And say hi to me! :)

Read anything good lately?!

Tomorrow is my OFFICIAL last day of work (b/c my school district likes to drive us crazy and make us come in on a MONDAY!) and then I'm off to DC for a bit to see family and such! :) Can't wait!

Have such a wonderful week!
Blessings and hugs,
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