#BlessedBrunch: on community, going deep and being enough.

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What a gift.

Yesterday... it was a beautiful, fun, joyful and so very needed gift.

I attended my first #BlessedBrunch!

I have been involved with the fab Blessed is She community just after it's inception, around this time last year, I think. I didn't realize it at the time just how much this group of women would impact me, my life, and my faith. From the first Advent journal, to the daily devotions, subsequent journals and regional FB groups... I have gotten to know some wonderful women. Grown in my relationship with God. And saw how beautiful women really can be toward one another.

The need for community is real. The need and desire for authentic friendships are real. The need for women to encourage and support one another is real.

Being back in the DC area has been so good. My job is good (busy! But amazing!). Seeing my family is great. Getting the little peeks into Fall... sooooo exciting! (Scarves, here I come!!) But, my thirst for community has been at an all time high, I'd say. Leaving it, to not having it... and spending a lot of time with work stuff... it makes me feel a little imbalanced.

My faith is my priority.
And building myself up to serve and love all those around me (including those at my job).
Surrounding myself with people that will build me up, and point me towards Heaven.
That's what I need.

Mary, again!
So, this brunch?? It couldn't have come at a better time!

Mary was a fabulous hostess!
The weather was beautiful (very sunny... may or may not have a burn to prove it).
The food was DELISH!
But the company... the best.

Because BIS is a community of authentic positivity... meaning, we can be ourselves (messes and all), while loving, supporting, encouraging and building each other up... that was our expectation when going to this brunch. And that is what happened within our conversations.

It's an amazing thing when you can talk about the messes and struggles in life right from the get-go, and not feel ashamed or unloved or even weird/awkward. We were married, single, kids, no kids, kids with special needs, young and older (not old... never old)! We were listening and we were being heard. We were nodding along. We were laughing. We may have even shed some tears.

What struck me most- the similarities of our struggles and worries even though we were all in different stages/states in life. Feelings of isolation, thirsting for community, desiring authentic friendships. Those are true and real no matter who you are. We as women need to be reminded of those things, so we can get out of our bubbles and be more intentional with our friendships. Of meeting new people. Of realizing that we, as women, are way more alike than different.

I was reminded, yesterday... I am enough.
I am enough to be loved by God.
I am enough to be heard.
I am enough as a single lady.
I am enough with my messes and doubts and worries and all.
I am enough... just as I am right now, right at this moment in life to be loved, supported, encouraged and believed in.

This is why community is important.
This is why we need to each other to remind us of these simple truths.
We are meant to go through this life with others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mary for hosting and to all the #BlessedBrunchFX ladies for saying YES!!! Yes for coming out, being open and vulnerable, and accepting me as me.

This one is mine this time. :)

Let's do this again.
Real soon.

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  1. Thrilled that you stepped out of your comfort zone to attend and was rewarded with this fabulous group of women and community! GOD is GREAT!


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