Let's see... many of you heard about/saw this:

Kelley Johnson was 2nd runner-up for Miss America, and is also a nurse (obviously). I found her monologue to be unique, simple, genuine and humble. She is proud to be a nurse. She has every right to be. Us nurses, we love sticking up for one another (ok, yes... and pointing out the bad apples, but mostly we support one another!)... and I am proud of this woman for standing out amongst all those traditional talents and being proud of her chosen profession. I was so happy to see this video going viral, people talking about how awesome nurses are (because we are), supporting one another, lifting each other up. It was/is beautiful!

And then, perhaps, you saw this:

Ummm... yea. Where Joy Behar asked, "why does she have a doctor's stethoscope around her neck?" Oy.

Which resulted in great memes such as:
Shout out to my fellow CNMC nurses for this! :)
Even doctors all over the place were posting pictures of support... like this guy:

It's great! People are talking about nurses! So much! It's great to get so much recognition, positive attention and love from so many people. We really do have an awesome job... no matter where you practice, inside or outside of the hospital setting.

But dang... some nurses are peeved. OUTRAGED. Petitioning to get "The View" cancelled.



Over some incredibly ignorant things that were said? Those ladies have no idea what they are talking about. They are talk show hosts. They talk and talk and talk and talk. That's what they do. A lot of it is useless and boring. Are we surprised that they don't know much about a nurse and their profession?

I mean, the reality is: not many people have any inkling of what a nurse does. If you are a nurse, then you know. Plain and simple.

No TV show gets it right. Our friends and family don't always get the full picture. And while our patients and families know how much we care for them, even they don't have a clear idea.

Why are we surprised that a TV talk show host didn't either?

Let's take all of this enthusiasm and attention and turn it back to our work.
How can we improve patient safety?
How can we decrease our patient load?
What about increasing RN satisfaction?
What is the best way to increase medication/procedure compliance?

Imagine what a difference we (the nurses) could be making for our patients and families, if we spent all this time trying to improve best practices, decrease hospital acquired infections, increase our nurse/staff morale, instead of trying to get Joy Behar fired?

Harsh? Perhaps. But, I'm entitled to my opinion, too! :)

Let's just keep doing what we are doing. Let's take our "15 minutes of fame" and share our stories. Tell the world why we are awesome. Remind them that we are so much more than #justanurse.

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  1. I love this! I'm not a nurse, but I have so much admiration for you guys. Bless you.

    (Also, as soon as I saw the title of this post, I thought of Scrubs.... "Did I say JUST A NURSE?" Haha

    The Starving Inspired

  2. Haha oh girl, these have been my thoughts these past few days! Love this!


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