Not Alone Series: Welcome Back + Announcement

Hello, ladies!!

Gosh, it's been a busy, but amazing Summer! I hope it's been that way for you, too! When we took our Summer hiatus, I didn't realize 1) how much I needed the break and time to get things done (like move and such) and 2) how much I MISS you guys. Seriously!

Who would have thought that people you (mostly) have never met and only communicate through the written word, can be such a big part of your life?! When Morgan and I first started down this Not Alone Series road, I don't think we ever imagined what an amazing community that would come from it.

All of your prayers and encouragement and love have been a staple in my life the last few years, and I am so incredibly thankful to God for placing you all in my life in this most unusual way.

I am also still in awe that we have been going for over 2 years!! :) That in and of itself is such an incredible accomplishment, and I only have you guys (and God) to thank for the success of this community.  Without either... well, it just wouldn't be.

Thank God you all have been wanting this community, in the interest of transparency, because Morgan and I have had moments of being completely burned out. Not sure how to keep going. Slacking on topics. Lagging with motivation. Our enthusiasm seemed to run dry at moments.

But then... one of you would email or comment or write in our group- saying how incredibly thankful YOU were for this community, as well. You have no idea how needed, how important, how encouraging those words were for us. Obviously God was still using us- this community- and what we were doing (and lacking) in big ways.

And we can't say no to God.

So, we have been praying for the future of NAS. Discerning what the next steps should be. Should we continue? How to keep going?

Well, we've made some decisions.

We feel that at this time, we need to take a step back and allow other women to be more involved. Morgan and I will take a more "behind the scenes" role, helping with social media, promotion, etc. We will still be linking up occasionally and being around the FB group, don't you worry.

Uhhh... so who is going to be hosting and such then?


Please give a warm welcome to Rachel and Lindsay!!!!!!

They have graciously said yes to you, this community and God by taking over all things hosting/blog related! Both have been pretty active within this community and are super supportive. They love the mission of NAS and all that we strive to do- namely to remind each other that we are not broken, we are not lost, we are not left behind... and we are most definitely not alone.

Be sure to give them lots of virtual hugs and high fives, ok!?
Lindsay: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Email
Rachel: Blog | Email

Because some will ask:
  • Tuesday will still be link-up day.
  • All hosting will be done at Rachel's or Lindsay's (just as it alternated between Morgan and me).
  • Send any topic suggestions to them (or share on our FB page or group).
  • We start NEXT Tuesday, September 15th.

Next week we are talking about:
The Five Love Languages
Dr. Gary Chapman has outlined five ways people give and receive love in his book "The 5 Love Languages." Take the quiz at to discover yours! What is your love language? How does that affect your approach to romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships? How do you give and receive love with people who have different love languages?

Before we go... could you do me a favor???
Keep praying for NAS... and all the women we may reach.
And will you share our FB page, if you are into that sort of thing?! :)

So happy to be back!
Love, hugs and prayers,

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  1. Yay! Thank you and Morgan for getting this whole show on the road! And I know how hard it is to pass something on that's so important to you. It's so, so, hard, but I know Rachel and Lindsay will do a wonderful job :-)


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