A simple walk

I have taken up walking.

Ya know... when you go outside, let the sun hit your face, breathe in the fresh air and put your feet to the pavement.


It's just wonderful.

It really combines multiple things that I love: being outside, moving, exploring, and thinking. I am not sure when I just decided to walk around my neighborhood, but I am glad I did. I discovered a little park! It has a stream and leads to another park through the woods.

I don't always want to go. But, I do. It's part of my routine now. At the minimum on Sundays and Thursdays... and then any other time I can get it in there. I always, always feel good when I get home. It always feels good when you allow your body to move. Especially my body getting beat up multiple times a week with Kempo, walking is a nice, less stress yet active thing to do.

Sometimes I listen to music. Sometimes I listen to podcasts. Sometimes I pray.

But, I am always walking.

The blue skies get me every time. All the heart eyes.

What is something simple that you do for yourself that you may even take for granted sometimes?!

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  1. Yes!! I love walking too. I do Zumba weekly and love a tough workout, but something about just being outside is so refreshing to me in my every way. Something little I like to do now is lighting candles. I have one next to the chair I usually pray in, and a couple in the living room. Lighting them is such a pretty little reminder to me!


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