I have some of the best family and friends a girl could ask for, so I'd give you some face/name context. :) Oh, and who I read (head to the bottom for those suggestions)!

~ MOM ~
Momma and I in Seaside on evening. :)

~ DAD ~
I love this pic of my dad and I.
It sums up our relationship perfectly. ;)

~ FAM ~
My wonderful family! :)
All from my dad's side...
I don't think I have one with my mom's side.
My handsome brother, Matt and my sweet niece, Charlotte.
Sadly, I don't have one with my sis-in-law :(
Sweet Charlie! I love this girl!
My newest niece, Lorelei!! :)

~ Friends ~
So close they should just BE family.

Me and Mart, my birthday 2014
Met in college. Lover of all things Catholic. Fellow blogger. Wonderful friend.
She and her daughter, Susannah (or Zuzu), are featured quite a bit!
Guh... isn't she precious?!
From her time as a wee babe.
All three of us!
The babe is a good cheeser!

Colly and I at Mart's wedding, getting our hair did.
BFFs from college. Loves her faith. ADORES penguins. Such a great friend.
She and her daughters make a few appearances, as well.
She has a blog, too!!

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